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What is Chaos Magick?

Introduction to Chaos Magick

Chaos magick is a style of magick void of any rigid system. Essentially, what defines a Chaos Magician is a Magician who forms personalized rituals which cater to their own mental and emotional triggers. They use actions, words, symbols, tools and themes to manipulate their own minds in an attempt to achieve total focus on their desires and raise the most emotional energy from within their selves possible. It’s fair to say that to be a truly successful Chaos Magician you must have a complete and accepting understanding of yourself. You must know your mind in order to manipulate your mind.

The mind is everything, and the mind can do anything. This is a basic understanding in Chaos magick. It is your mind and your own Will that allows for magic to happen. Think of energy manipulation. You don’t need any specific symbol or knife or spirit to manipulate energy. You Will the energy to flow, and it flows! This is the power that Chaos Magick harnesses. That being stated, the first thing that the aspiring Chaos Magician should gain an understanding of is the bare basic understanding of any ritual.

Ritual is simply an organized way of flexing one’s will upon reality. Any ritual has two main goals. These two goals are to focus your mind and to raise your emotions. One must have a clear desire visualized, as well as a clear route to obtaining said desire. One must then empower this desire with emotion and the confidence that their will shall be done. Every part of the ritual hones your mind to the different aspects of the energy manipulation required for the ritual to be a success. The circle is you shielding the area. The chanting is forcing you to visualize your desires; the repetition is totally immersing yourself into them and clearing away all doubt of obtaining them. The use of a dagger to focus all your energy to a single condensed point to flow from you to the environment. The ritual must create a psychodrama. Fantasy must become reality! Your emotion should fit your desired outcome. If healing, emotions of love, trust and assurance should be raised. The color candle that you associate with healing should be used.

Chaos Magicians, having to manipulate their own minds, must therefore hand tailor a ritual for themselves. This is why a rigid system to follow simply can not exist for all Chaos Magicians to follow. Speak in a language that excites you. If your own language is good enough, then don’t worry about speaking a language whose words hold no meaning to you. Use symbols of magic that excite your own senses. Now I’d advise against using actual sigils of spirits unless you do intend to summon them. However, if you’re just doing the ritual yourself, you can even make up the Gods you wish to call upon! If they appear, know that they are but a manifestation of your own Godlike Will!

This field of magick yields the greatest use for imagination. You get to indulge in all your fantasies to bring about change in reality. Also, you get to be as creative as you wish to be when constructing a ritual. So, be creative! If a carrot feels better to you than using a dagger, then use a carrot! It’s all about what sharpens the mind anyways. Your mind is what manipulates energy and has effect on reality. Experiment, find out what most affects you, and then use it to your advantage!

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