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Jul 27

What It’s Like to Be Autistic – Perspective of the Autistic Individual

Autism Spectrum Disorder, more commonly known as simply Autism, is a broad spectrum that may affect many aspects of life, including the following: Difficulty With Social Situations (Including difficulty making friends) Social Anxiety Seeming “Odd” Hardwired for Logic Minimal Physical Expression of Emotion Gastrointestinal Issues Difficulty With Change Distortion of “Natural” Train of Thought Self-Harm […]

Jun 25

What is Chaos Magick?

Introduction to Chaos Magick

Chaos magick is a style of magick void of any rigid system. Essentially, what defines a Chaos Magician is a Magician who forms personalized rituals which cater to their own mental and emotional triggers. They use actions, words, symbols, tools and themes to manipulate their own minds in an attempt to achieve total focus on […]

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