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Vertex in the 5th House

The Vertex is a mathematical point of the chart of a native, always located in the right-hand side of his chart. It is the intersection of the ecliptic and the prime vertical, and astrologers tend to argue whether it is very important or not at all. The exact opposite point is called anti-vertex, but most astrology researchers tend to not pay attention to it.

As an astrological point, it is connected with karma and fate, and it functions when triggered by planet transits. The transiting aspect that is mostly to be observed is the conjunction, and slow moving planets are the ones that will mostly influence the native’s life. The Vertex is also widely used in synastry charts, as it is responsible for major changes, especially in relationships, births and deaths of people – while also in important business partnership beginnings or endings. This can be easily explained by the fact that the Vertex is always located somewhere between the 5th and the 8th house, which are responsible for such kind of issues.

If it is in the 5th house, then an important transit can bring a karmic love, a birth of a child – or both. A karmic love is very probable to come if the Vertex conjuncts the significant other’s Ascendant or Sun, and planets like Jupiter, Uranus or Pluto aspect the spot by transit. Of course for positive events the responsible aspects are trines and sextiles, while the squares and oppositions tend to bring difficulties. Conjunctions strongly depend on the planet that transits, and can manifest either positively or negatively. In addition, the nature of events triggered also depends on existing aspects of the Vertex to other natal planets. Naturally, a well aspected Vertex will act beneficially when conjunct by a transiting planet, while an ill-aspected will bring turbulence.

In any case, the Vertex is connected with people that become very personal to us; on the other hand it does not guarantee the blissfulness of the relation. When the moon’s node is also present in some way, the relationship can be considered totally karmic, and generally there is no easy way of escaping from the people that the point is allowing to enter in the native’s life. What the Vertex brings is rather uncontrolled, and has to happen so that both parts learn their lessons and progress.

People with their Vertex in the 5th house will observe that they many times simply cannot resist falling in love. It also signifies meeting important people unexpectedly through recreational activities: at the club, at the theatre, at a stadium or elsewhere where 5th house matters are happening.

If you are interested to experiment with your Vertex, look in an ephemeris when some slow moving planet is transiting over it. Use an orb of around 2 degrees, and look weather something extraordinary is happening in your life department where the Vertex is located. This destiny gate can sometimes be opened by quickly moving bodies also (Mars, Venus, Mercury, Sun); usually right after an eclipse that occurs near that degree and the first transit of the planets through it. But, the outer planets, or combinations of outer and inner planets are to be considered the major life-changers.

Vertex can fulfill wishes – but who guarantees that what we wish is what we indeed need? It should not be taken lightly, as it can bring you permanently something that was either not clearly wished, or that you have changed your mind since the moment you did. The difficult thing is actually to let go the Vertex person that arrives, his weird presence can persist in a paradoxical way – for months years or more.. There is definitely issues to be resolved between you, and the best thing is to establish a good communication, think out of the box and understand what are your real needs, who is your real You, and whether your wishes brought you what you want. The opposite is not to be afraid of. In any case, be open towards whatever the Vertex brings – after all, the most possible is that you cannot resist it!

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  • Richy

    I’m a plutonian person. Mercury conjunct pluto 0a, both squares Saturn 0° exact. Just met a girl. Her Vertex is conjunct them both 0°.

    Her Vertex also aspects my moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and midheaven all 0 to 1°

    Her pluto is conjunct my Neptune 0°.

    I’ve got 3 yods in my chart, anything at 5 degree Virgo makes a 4th,and a tight 5 pointed star. Her sun is 5 degrees Virgo.

    In synastry we have a grand cross. One of the oppositions of the grand cross is from my moon and her Saturn 0° in Taurus, opposite my Venus in Scorpio and Psyche 0° in my natal that’s a boomerang yod, moon the point of the yod.

    Can I take it this is karmic? I feel powerfully electric at the moment.

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