Oct 23

Two of Wands

The Two of Wands is the second pip of The Suit of Wands. In some cases, “wand” has been replaced with batons, clubs, and staves. An easy way to sum up this card would be to listen to Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash. However, my posts never go the easy way.
In a lot of older decks, the Two of Wands is a simple and often symmetrical pip, similar to the French Suits. The Rider-Waite decks show a man with his back turned to his present obligations. He faces forward looking toward the world that sits in front of him. There is a wand that is bolted to the low wall in front of him. Although he is holding his own baton, the obligations of the bolted baton keeps him from wandering off on his own accord. The wall is very easy to step over should he ever choose to leave. It is very easy to notice at first glance that the man is very well off and should technically want for nothing. However, as he gazes over his kingdom his heart aches for more.
The Two of Wands is a card of choices. Now that the Ace of Wands has shaken the cobwebs from our bones, it’s time to make the decision of whether or not to answer the call. Is there any baggage holding us back? Are we too timid to go? It’s time to evaluate our choices

In the Upright

The Two of Wands works as a crossroads. This crossroads has a stark contrast between options. Sometimes it can be considered the lesser of two evils. This card can also represent someone who has trouble making decisions, especially large ones.
The Two of Wands could symbolize a new beginning for someone. Occasionally people have to start new and fresh in life. The ways of old are discarded and the querent has stepped over the wall and into the world in front of them.
This card can indicate a desire to travel or an impending trip. In the upright, the trip should be expected to go smoothly.
Actions require thought during this time. Although the decision to take action may have already been made, consider a coordinated plan instead of hobbling through life on a whim.
Cleanse your life of negativity. The less negative things that tie you down, the easier it will be to move along with adventure, growth, and healthy folly.
The Two of Wands can indicate a big decision coming up in friendships and partnerships. Friends may be in the process of changing, just like the querent. What used to be a good friendship may come to an end due to places in life and interests. However, the querent can also take the path to preserve the friendship for what it is worth. In relationships, the querent may have to make a heavy decision of whether to move forward with it or terminate it. The relationship could be dull, unhealthy or boring. Some people may have the mindset of having to be in a relationship to be happy. Another mindset is the querent may think that their current partner is the best that they will have in life. However, negative people and relationships contradict the call to have a low amount of baggage needed to be able to travel your journey. If a person is not supporting you, taking away from your happiness and is not worth the trouble they are giving you, now may be the time to cut ties.
When this idea of a journey comes into your life, the decisions you make not only affect yourself but those around you. When making life-changing decisions, there are important parties to consider such as children, close family, significant others, friends and career. The Two of Wands may even indicate a wish to abandon all of them and move on with your own life. The querent may want to get up and leave. Although this may prove troublesome, things might work out in the end.
The Two of Wands can also indicate a person who is dissatisfied with their current lifestyle. The person in question has many luxuries and lives a comfortable life. However, something inside of them wants more. They then face the decision to alter their life or stay in a state of wanting.
A person may be faced with a current or impending career choice. A new and shinier career choice may come into your life. One that the querent may have wanted for a while. However it could require a huge transition that not only affects your life but the lives of others. A change in career can come from the querent being bored or disinterested in their current career. Careers are meant to be fulfilling to someone. That’s what makes them different than a job. A job offering a fulfilling career can come into view. If the querent owns a business, it may be an indication that it is time to expand overseas, or to expand in general. What used to be a small business may become a local or state icon. Now is the time to keep your business savvy with the current times so that it doesn’t get held back.

In Reverse

The Two of Wands may indicate that the querent wants to get away from an unfulfilling life but is afraid of the risks involved. Now is the time to go on adventures and get away from a humdrum life but the lack of assertiveness is holding the querent back.
This card can also indicate the arrival of someone who may shake the bedrock. It could be an ex-lover, an enemy or a family member who traveled from afar to see their relatives. Their arrival is pretty unexpected and may have mixed reactions.
An unfulfilling career can be predicted. However, there is no effort to make changes to this complaint. The querent is again afraid of moving forward because the present is so comfortable. Plans with changing careers or even expanding business may have gone haywire. Making big decisions when it’s not the right time or neglecting to thoroughly think them through.
When it comes to trips and vacations, there may be setbacks. It may not go as you planned or the trip is more stressful than ordinary life.
Relationships under the Two of Wands tend to be unfulfilling as well. They can be boring, bad, and all around negative. The querent could be deciding on whether or not to leave.

The Two of Wands is prompting you to respond to the Ace of Wands. The path for a new journey is in front of you and you are free to take it. Compared to the world, the things that hold us back are fairly small. You can’t hold two batons at once. Pick the bolted one or the one that goes with you wherever you go. Whatever you choose, weigh all of your options and think them through.

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