Feb 19

Richard Spencer Crashes A Libertarian Conference And Gets Thrown Out

Libertarians are well known for their scathing critiques of leftist thought, and now the Alt-Right seems to think we’re their allies. As Richard Spencer found out yesterday, this is not the case. At the International Students for Liberty Conference held in Washington DC, the face of the Alt-Right decided to show up, uninvited, in a poor attempt […]

Jan 29

The Regressive Left: A War Of Words

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this article are of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions’ of Free Spirited Mind, or other writers herein. The identity politics of The Regressive Left are a large point of contention for today’s political dialogue.  It is these politics that helped determine the outcome of the election and the aftermath. […]

Jan 11

Libertarian Ideology: An Introduction

In recent years, a growing number of Americans have become interested in Libertarianism.  As more people become dissatisfied with the current political climate, many are waking up and seeking an alternative. In popular media, we see Libertarians portrayed as nothing more than fringe lunatics. While there are indeed fringe groups within the ideology (as with […]

Dec 18

The Two Party System: A Duopoly Of Tyranny

The 2016 Presidental Election was a harrowing one, to say the least. The results turned friends into foes and sparked a massive wave of protest. The Democratic National Committee was exposed for its corruption and underhanded ways via the now infamous email leaks. The GOP began its path to a total implosion.  Hillary Rodham Clinton […]