Aug 15

The Temperance Card

Temperance is the 14th trump of the Major Arcana. The image on the face of the card is based on the standard representation of Temperance. In the allegory, a woman is pouring water from one container to the other. The water is said to go from the bottom container to the top container. However, in some […]

Aug 15

The Hanged Man Card

The Hanged Man, also known as The Traitor is the 12th trump of the Major Arcana. Because of the nature of the card, it is thought to be the 4th cardinal virtue of Prudence. Justice, Strength, and Temperance are the others, being trumps themselves. It is thought to reflect a humiliating form of punishment done […]

Aug 14

The Chariot Card

The Chariot is the 7th trump of the Major Arcana. Earlier versions of The Chariot vary slightly from the modern version. In the Visconti-Sforza deck, the chariot is pulled by two white horses that bring Pegasus to mind. The driver is also a woman instead of a man. The Rosenwald Sheet shows a male driver […]

Aug 12

The Judgement Card

Judgment is the 20th trump of the Major Arcana. Judgment in this case is symbolic of Judgment Day. It is a card that wants you to reevaluate your actions and character for they sum up your life. It wants you to think about how your actions affect not only you but everyone around you. Early […]

Aug 12

The Star Card

The Star is the 17th trump in the Major Arcana. Its face has changed since the early versions of the card to its later version. Some older cards (like the Visconti Sforza deck) depict a woman looking at a large 8-pointed star she holds in her hand. She is also wearing a blue dress and […]

Jun 9

What is Magick?


Magick can come in many different forms; Sigil, candle, incense, ceremonial/ritual, and energy manipulation/chaos magick. Essentially, magick is the practice of bringing the practitioner’s will into the physical realm, or in whatever form it may manifest. The method used is irrellevent and is solely the magickian’s preference. Sigil Magick is performed by creating a sigil […]

Jun 8

666 Foundation Meditation

This is a very basic and easy meditation technique used as a foundation technique for more advanced meditations. It is excellent for generalized meditation, and quickly calms the mind and quenches the soul. It is Satanic in nature, however, anybody can practice this and it does not commit you to the Satanic practice. To begin, […]

Jun 7

Healing via Energy Manipulation

Through this simple energy healing method, I have seen fantastic results ranging from back pain relief to paralyzed hands being able to move and feel again. For this technique you will not need any tools whatsoever – only your mind. To begin, visualize and will a black orb to appear. From this orb, have a […]

Apr 23

The Moon Card

The Moon is the eighteenth trump of the Major Arcana. The face of the card normally has the moon in the sky. The Moon can be depicted as either asleep or generally unhappy. It is also dropping dew to the earth. The moon is a symbol on psychic awakening. The moon is carved out of […]