Aug 29

Advanced Sigil Magick

In my previous article on How To: Perform Sigil Magick, I described the basic technique of utilizing the art of sigilization in order to bring the will into the physical realm, but there has to be a simpler method of sigilization that produces the same results, right? To begin, unlike taking the willed statement and crossing […]

Nov 21

Pseudo Pantheon & Egregore Creation

In Chaos Magic, often the Gods called upon need not be true Spirits. The emotional process of summon a God is sought after, yet not an actual external Spirit. Often we can call upon the Gods of our inner subconscious. These Gods represent different aspects of the magician’s own will. The Chaos Magician knows that they are […]

Oct 2

Introduction to Chaos Magick

Chaos magick is a style of magick void of any rigid system. Essentially, what defines a Chaos Magician is a Magician who forms personalized rituals which cater to their own mental and emotional triggers. They use actions, words, symbols, tools and themes to manipulate their own minds in an attempt to achieve total focus on their […]