Dec 30

Tarot: A Long & Brief Introduction

Welcome to a brief introduction to tarot. Before someone dives headfirst into the meaning of the cards it is important to know a bit about the divinatory practice. What Are Tarot Cards? Tarot was started as a card game. It came from a previously established game called “Triumph” in Northern Italy during the early to […]

Oct 11

The Fool Card

The Fool is known as the #0 card of the Tarot. Contrary to how it sounds, the term ‘fool’ is not necessarily negative. The entire Major Arcana is essentially the Fool’s journey through life. He is youthful, innocent, and ready to begin his quest, which is why he is facing the direction of the unknown. […]

Oct 1

The Tower Card

The Tower card is the sixteenth card of the Major Arcana. Essentially this card is the card of the principle that through chaos comes order. The card depicts two characters falling headfirst due to the consciousness change that the lightning brings forth, which disrupts everything we know about our awareness. If you look closely, you’ll […]

Sep 29

The Hermit Card

The Hermit card is one of intuition, solitude, and quiet contemplation for the answers which lie within and is the ninth card of the Major Arcana. He is the stereotypical ‘wise old man’ who is depicted as a cloaked figure walking down a path (or on top of a mountain) with his staff of wisdom […]

Sep 24

Tarot Reading: The Pyramid and Astrological Spreads

Now that I’ve explained the Origins and Interpretations of the Major Arcana as well as the Interpretations of the Minor Arcana, I’m going to explain two methods on how to perform a tarot reading – the pyramid and astrological spreads. The Pyramid Spread The Pyramids are very sacred. They draw raw energy down from the […]

Sep 18

Interpretations of the Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana is comprised of 56 cards. 40 of these cards are numbered from ace to ten in each of the 4 suits, as well as 16 Count cards. The Four Suits The four suits of the Minor Arcana are as follows: Pentacles (Coins/Discs), Cups (Dishes/Chalices), Wands (Batons/Staves), and swords. These are representative of […]

Aug 4

The Major Arcana: Origins and Interpretations

As mentioned previously in the article, ‘Introduction to the Tarot,’ there are twenty-two cards that comprise the Major Arcana. This article is meant to detail the basic meanings of the cards. However, it is important that you study and meditate on the cards to get the meaning as you understand. With this being said, let […]

Aug 4

Introduction to the Tarot

While Tarot cards are now primarily used in both magickal practices and divination, they were originally used as playing cards. While the evidence points to creation sometime during the medieval ages, the images and themes the cards represent are significantly older. At the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris, they have seventeen ornate cards, sixteen of […]