Feb 17

The Devil Card

The Devil card is the fifteenth card of the Major Arcana. In early decks, the devil is depicted in humanoid form. The images are a little more low-key gruesome than frightening. He is sometimes hairy and has bat wings and clawed feet. In some representations he has antlers, breasts and a penis. As time goes […]

Feb 15

The World Card

The World is the twenty first and final card of the Major Arcana. In some early decks, a human figure is standing on top of a sphere that appears to be the world. In most cases, the human is the primary figure versus the actual planet earth. The person is always triumphant. The idea of […]

Feb 9

The Wheel of Fortune Card

The Wheel of Fortune is the tenth card of the Major Arcana. In the earliest known Trumps it is called La Rotta, or the Wheel. This particular card happened to be a common allegory during the Medieval and Renaissance eras. In early decks, the Wheel of Fortune often displays a wheel on a spoke with […]

Feb 3

Major Arcana: The Emperor (Physical Masculine)

The Emperor is the fourth numbered trump of the Major Arcana. He is the Fool’s first impression of men and is symbolic of his father. This card is carries four archetypes with it. The Emperor serves as The Father, The Bachelor, The Horned God and a Role Model. As The Father the Emperor is The […]

Jan 27

Major Arcana: The Empress (Physical Feminine)

The Empress is the third numbered trump in the Major Arcana. She serves as The Fool’s first impression of women. This card represents four major archetypes at once: The Mother, The Woman, The Whore, The Crone and The Earth Goddess. Please let me clarify that in this sense the term “whore” is not and will […]

Jan 6

Major Arcana: The Fool (Spiritual Divine)

The Fool is an interesting trump of the Major Arcana. It is both the beginning and the end. This card ties the Major Arcana into an infinite loop. It is also a humble reminder that you will never truly have the world before you even get there or even know it exists. In the Rider-Waite […]