Oct 23

Three of Wands Card

The Three of Wands is the third pip in the Suit of Wands. In older decks the card is a symmetrical pip, similar to French decks. Most pip cards in Latin decks look this way. But I mention it anyway for the sake of fairness. In the Rider-Waite deck, a man faces away from the reader. He is in the same wilderness that he gazed upon in the Two of Wands. There are currently three wands: the wand of his journey, the wand of his past responsibilities, and the wand of his future. Although the image itself appears somber, the orange, yellow and red colors tell us otherwise. The card is bathed in colors of joy.

In the Upright

The Three of Wands is a strong indication of positive travel. The querent could be in the process of emigrating or migrating to a new country. If there is a trip on the horizon, the location is likely to have an abundance of hot weather. An example would be tropical tourist spots or desert areas. A business could begin expanding overseas and into foreign lands. A business may be expanding across its home area as well. Job relocations are also common under this card. Career changes under this card can stem from a lack of interest, challenge. Three of Wands can also mean travelling for work. Something like a business trip or a work convention could be in the future. Career expansions, travel, and new homes are plentiful in this card.
The Three of Wands can also symbolize newfound liberation and freedom. The querent may have been held back in the past, but is excelling in the present. Old dusty chains from a previous life are broken and discarded. What lies ahead of the querent is healthy and positive. Their new and incoming environment should be filled with positivity. The new journey that is open to travel should be healthy for the querent’s life.
During this time, someone may be looking at the big picture of life. Any developments and expansions will affect the querent’s life as a whole. Actions used to affect the niches of our life but in this journey, we are in for a complete overhaul.

In Reverse

The bottom half of The Wheel of Fortune may be rearing its head. Delays and setbacks run rampant during this time. Things may have been free-flowing up until now. Or setbacks have been facing you the entire way. They are only temporary but nonetheless discouraging.
The plans the querent made during the Three of Wands could have a hard time getting executed. They may be over-excited and too ambitious. There may be unnecessary boasting or bragging about progress or plans. Something like this can cause you to lose support and the help of others. Friends may stray away from you while the boasting is going on.
The person in question may be too afraid to leave their old life for a better one. They fear the risks that come with making such a leap. Although they are unfulfilled, they think that this is the best that they will receive. There is a lot of doubt and negativity around their journey. Due to that, the querent may have refused to embark on it.
The querent may fail to realize that plans, even though they have the green-light, are fallible and are not invincible. Someone may be looking at the big picture and not focusing on the small details that make up everyday life. When everyday life goes to the wayside, so does the big picture.
The querent could also move too quickly through things. On our journey, things must be thoroughly thought through. The querent could also suffer from burn-out and depression. They put so much energy into their journey, they neglect resting and health.
The Three of Wands may foretell the sudden and unexpected arrival of someone. This someone can be anywhere from a distant family member to an ex-lover. Their arrival would throw daily life into a tizzy and possibly throw your journey off course.
Even in reverse, the Three of Wands still speaks about travel. However, the trip may not be all that pleasant. There may be setbacks, delays and just an overall horrible vacation. What was supposed to be a relaxing getaway may have gotten shot to hell.
A person may also refuse to leave a bad and unfulfilling relationship. The querent is most likely unhappy and is settling for their partner. They may have even taken back the ex they don’t like.
There could also be an unfulfilling and seemingly wasted career in the querent’s life. Someone could also be searching for employment overseas.
The querent could also start regretting their journey. The task may appear to be too much for them to handle or they don’t like the responsibility that comes with it.

Make sure your home life is positive and healthy lest the Three of Wands go into reverse. Be wary of travel because it can go just as perfectly as it does badly. Keep relationships positive. Now is the time to take a fulfilling route for your career, take it above and beyond what you originally expected. Set backs are temporary and will eventually move on.

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