Feb 29

The Sun Card

The Sun is the nineteenth trump of the Major Arcana. The Sun is exactly what it implies. It is the light at the end of a tunnel, the twinkling star on the darkest of days. The Sun is a symbol of pure and untainted joy as well as a nourishing component of life.
The card itself has different designs. Some show a child riding a horse and others show two people or children playing under the sun and enjoying themselves. When the sun is out and high in the sky, it is time to enjoy life and embrace the warmth that living and the sun itself has to offer.
The Sun also is a time of celebration. It is time to celebrate the success in life as well as what has been achieved currently and in the past.
The happiness found with this card is not just central to one person. The happiness and success will be infectious to other people when a person lets The Sun’s light shine through them.

In the Upright Position

The Sun oozes positivity. It is also extremely affirming and reaffirming. This card can also a signal a job well done. The Sun also burns worry off of the querent’s shoulders. This is a period of coming out of the dark.

The Sun also represents successful creativity. A person should also have fun with this creativity. A rush of positive energy would also be surging through those who The Sun is involved with. The Sun also calls for optimism and passion. The Sun’s rays won’t let you fall flat.

The Sun also summons happy occasions like a new relationship, marriage or a new baby. The Sun is also a card of birth and nourishment of life. The cards surrounding it can give a clearer view of what it suggests is coming your way.

In the Reversed Position

The Sun in Reverse is still positive but can signal some lingering doubts and worrisome things. The time to have fun is here but the querent is still under the illusion that things are not what they seem or life is too good to be true. Although The Sun is a time for having fun, the querent simply cannot relax and enjoy the flow of life while it is on an upswing. The negativity is starting to weigh on the person and they can’t see the sun from behind the clouds.

The Sun in Reverse can be a card telling someone to pause their efforts and wait until later. There can also be a downswing in confidence and self-esteem. The things the querent is passionate about can cause them to become almost become enslaving and they become consumed by it. Take a break. The rising ego needs to level out and could be causing people to drift away from the querent. Relationships may also be faltering or suffering an upset.

With The Sun, everything will be okay. However, sometimes there are setbacks and upsets within the life of the querent. Although these will pass right by, relaxing even in tough situations will prove to be a valuable skill.

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