Aug 16

The Strength Card

Strength is the 11th trump of the Major Arcana. Historically, it was placed as the 8th trump and was called Fortitude. The Rider-Waite-Smith deck changed the position. The name change happened before then. The interpretation of this card will be explained under the position of the 8th trump as originally placed.
Strength hasn’t changed much image wise. There is a woman taming a lion. Some art depicts the woman alongside the lion or with the lion behind her. There are some images where the woman is actively taming the lion. The woman’s outfit varies a little. Some cards show her as a warrior while some show her in a white gown with flowers.
The woman is taming the lion, who is symbolically chaos and our fears. She may be dressed like a warrior who combats her weaknesses and fears. When she is dressed in white, it shows innocence and purity. The woman has no ulterior motives and tames the beast with pure intentions. When the lion is being actively tamed, it can be interpreted as being in the process of taming your fears and overcoming obstacles. When the lion is in the background or behind the woman, it can be interpreted as having already conquered an obstacle or fear. It is important to take note of the woman’s facial expressions. She is calm and collected. She is not panicked over the presence of the lion. She has mastered self-control as to not kill the lion in presence of fear. Occasionally there will be a infinity symbol over the head of the woman. It can be understood as an undying sense of strength (in the context of the card).

In the Upright 

The card is a tale of inner strength. Your strength could be tested or you could have mastered it already. Strength can foretell the presence of a Leo or an animal lover, mostly cats. If a Leo is present in your personal relationships, they may seem neglectful of either their jobs or the querent. Be patient with them and help them along.
If Strength shows up, the querent may be facing some sort of conflict. When Strength arises in a conflict, it is unwise to act with your base instincts. No matter how bad the situation is, the best thing to do is stay calm and not act irrationally. This card could also indicate a person who knows how to control themselves. This is a person who is unmoved by chaos, fear, and madness. Self-discipline is key when trying to build inner strength. Strength also calls for self-evaluation to understand one’s weak spots and fears. You should also find your strong suit.
Strength can show up when you are facing competition or an enemy. Approach them in a calm manner and work things out. Acting irrationally will only make the confrontation worse.

In Reverse 

A person may have suffered a personal setback or is giving into weakness. The power of the situation may be out the querents bounds but remember that strength is infinite. The lack of self-esteem and confidence can make the querent feel worse. They may face doubts in everything that they do.
A person can also feel out of touch with themselves and can be unsure how they will tolerate something. This could also include bad anger management, anxiety, ego, and insecurity. These are all things that Strength wants us to curb in order to find our divine selves.
The querent could be facing negative environments and relationships. It would be wise to work towards positivity and eradicate the negative aspects of their life.
When someone is acting without turning inward for a solution, Strength can go into reverse. The person may not have a sense of discipline spiritually, physically or mentally. Someone like this could be pretty controlling and may try to control everything. The querent has to accept that they cannot control everything. Coping skills are needed.
Strength in reverse could also foretell animal abuse. Someone may be abusing animals or mistreating them. The wellbeing of an animal is not their priority and their pets may be suffering.
Strength will also go into reverse for an exposed secret. This secret could rock the querents life into a state of chaos. They may not know how to handle the fallout and panic.

Finding your inner strength is crucial to gaining stability in your life. Make sure the Leos you love are not suffering with balancing life and their careers. Have faith in yourself and stay headstrong. Work on fixing attitude problems and grow brave.

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