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Yea my mom was practicing the dark arts with me …

Comment on The Moon : Rulership, Exaltation, Detriment and Fall by Zenith Astrology.

Yea my mom was practicing the dark arts with me as a child, just as I suspected. But
couldn’t exactly remember, as I just found out from my Gemini mate I have PTSD, and re- entering thereapy, which lead to me researching DID – and my quick diagnosis. Aquarius is associated with experiments, and I noticed we “altar” our experiments. Not saying all Aquarians will have “split” or alter personalities, but some, like me, will. With this combination it entails dark art (all this junk at the bottom of my chart) and Aquarius Sun (experiments). My Moon is in the fallen 3rd degree, conjunct Pluto from Libra in the approach position on the I.C. with the Moon in the 4th house of the mother AND a Scorpio 4th house. She was always “hiding” something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. But I was abandoned at 7 years old to the state of Colorado for her child abuses (the first time) . For some reason, Denver is a hot bed of that stuff. 02-07-80 4:56pm. I also have flash backs and pre sleep flashback nightmares of being trapped in able to breath speak or weird sexual experiences. I noticed my SUN MOON placements literally equal FLASHBACK . Aquarius Sun is flash or lighting, and Scorpio Moon is back or magnetize. I always suspected this is what was here and got signs from things in related one day researching it. Like balloons out side and children, and black and white dog. But I was scared of what I found. But did suspect this is where it was going. She died at 50 so I’m not longer un safe for feel mind controlled by her. She was a Virgo Sun, sept 10th 1959. Virgo has a propensity to be attracted to “virginal” types. Alas I cannot just heal myself with Astrology and have stopped rebelling from therapy. It does bring out some good, still I feel like they did not help protect me from my mom or in “the system” from there system, and it was hard trusting a therapist all over again.

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The Moon : Rulership, Exaltation, Detriment and Fall
Yea I just don’t like his wordage as an Aquarius he says the Moon functions better in Cancer than all other signs. He doesn’t give the deep explanations why. And leave a lot up to the viewer to see a Taurus Moon as a least good sign to be in. I don’t like his wordage. But he did cover some good aspects and points.

The Moon : Rulership, Exaltation, Detriment and Fall
Yea an Astrologer, I don’t agree some of the things he wrote, like being in detriment is worse than fall. Because most times, it’s a very physical experience with Scorpios fallen Moon. But that’s why I will have my own site in the future, going over how I see it, as I have double fall and double exalts in my chart. I’ll tell you from what I’ve seen, what they mean. It’s just combating my disssoation and easily raised adrenaline is pain in a** somedays.

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