Apr 23

The Moon Card

The Moon is the eighteenth trump of the Major Arcana. The face of the card normally has the moon in the sky. The Moon can be depicted as either asleep or generally unhappy. It is also dropping dew to the earth. The moon is a symbol on psychic awakening. The moon is carved out of the shape of the sun. The moon’s light is the light of the sun, but in a dimmer reflection. A wolf and a dog have their heads turned upward, facing the moon. The dogs are symbols of our mind, both controlled and unleashed. The path is the path of consciousness and the crawfish crawling from the water is shown as the primal creature of our awakening.  Two towers also sit in the distance. On some decks they are shown as building-like. They are far apart from one another and seem to be isolated.
The Moon is another card that shows psychic development. In this stage of growth, we learn to do for ourselves versus being catered to. This is a card of independence, self trust, and building instinct. The Moon is the darker side to independence. There are factors of fear, worry and anxiety that comes along with this newfound state of mind.

In the Upright Position 

The Moon in the upright position tells us to listen to our innerselves. A highlight of this is our dreams. Dreams often carry messages from our subconscious to our conscious. Now is the time to listen to them and decipher them for messages. There may also be episodes of intense dreaming and vivid images during sleep. Memories will also play an important role in your life. However, repressed ones can cause problems if they are not properly dealt with.
The Moon also symbolizes that everything may not be what it seems. Keep an eye out for wolves in sheep’s wool. In relationships, this can mean that people are subconsciously unhappy or they are putting on a show for the public to hide their obvious sadness.
The Moon also shines light on the darkness. Any wrongdoings done in secret can be revealed. Things like illegal activity and cheating may come to the light. People may be full of lies around this time and it would be wise to have a cautious eye for deceit and wrongdoings of any kind.
The Moon is also a feminine symbol. This card may unveil reasons for hormonal fluctuations and shine light on means of stability. The lunar cycle is reflective of a woman’s menstrual cycle. The Moon can also foretell impending motherhood or anyone becoming a new parent.

In Reverse

The Moon in reverse often signals breakthrough. When The Moon is in reverse, it can mean that emotional turbulence has been overcome. Negative energies and forces are beginning to resolve and blow past. Emotional problems that previously went unresolved are in the process of healing and coping. A person can feel renewed and light after dealing with these problems.
The Moon in reverse can also signify confusion about life. It normally hovers around confliction of what should be done and what someone wants to do. Previously unresolved issues with emotions and memories can cloud a person’s judgement and make them feel insecure. This is even more motivation to come to terms with any remaining emotional turbulence.
The Moon can also speak of impending psychic signals. They can be increased, foreign, or both. This is another opportunity to take messages from dreams. They may help you decipher the signals and feelings. Be wary of dreams, they can turn into horrible nightmares during this period of truth. They may not always be pleasant and can be scary to decipher. It is important to strengthen intuition and use what is already present in a situation of unclear psychic messages.
Mental instability can come around when The Moon is in reverse. Powerful emotions can still run free and make people act out of passion, whether good or bad. The Moon in reverse tries to warn us of self-deceit, versus The Moon upright that tells us when others are trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

The Moon is all about bringing darkness to light. Dirty deeds done in the dark will be discovered. Lies will be conquered by the truth. But before lies can be unveiled, we first have to understand who is lying to us. To conquer The Moon, we must have intuition, psychic awareness and self confidence.

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