Aug 15

The Justice Card

According to the Rider-Waite-Smith deck and it’s derivatives, Justice is the 8th trump of the Major Arcana. However, it was originally the 11th. Both positions are considered valid. This article will cover the attributes of the card in its original position of the 11th trump.
Justice is a card that takes no nonsense from the lying nature of man. Lady Justice sees through every lie and facade. She demands the truth and nothing else. Lying will only detriment you and ruin chances of a positive outcome to anything. Lady Justice only cares about the facts of the situation. Her decisions are made by nothing except what is necessary. Lady Justice represents wisdom, justified acts of war, skills of logic, law and art. She also represents the law of karma.
Justice has kept the same image throughout most of the standard decks. She is a robed woman holding a double edged sword. She is sitting on her throne in the Spiritual Court of Law. She also holds the scales of justice. In some decks they appear tilted.

In the Upright 

Justice forces people to take full responsibility for their actions. When it is time to face the consequences for actions, it is futile to point the finger at anyone else but yourself. To try to fool Justice with masks, facades or lies will not turn the odds in your favor. Lady Justice sees through these tactics and will not only punish you for the initial wrongdoing, but for lying as well.
Although Lady Justice is strict, she is not Authoritarian. Just as she makes rulings with an iron fist, she makes rulings based on an equal amount of compassion. She understands that there are two or more sides to every story. Justice is not only in spiritual court, but in physical court as well. Lady Justice rules with no ulterior motives. Her rulings are pure and fair.
When life is in Divine Order, physical legal proceedings lean in your direction. This only applies if you have told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Perjury is something that both physical and spiritual law frowns upon.
Justice can represent an honest person. This person is not only honest, but fair. This card can also represent an agent of justice such as a member of the bar, judge, or jury.
When Justice plays a role in human relationships, the relationship is an honest and open one. It is very pure.
A heavy decision could be pending or present when Justice shows up.

In Reverse  

Justice in reverse is primarily dishonesty. It can be not only dishonest to yourself but to others. Someone is not taking responsibility for their actions and is pointing the finger at everyone except themselves. This could be someone playing the victim. A person could also be hanging around unjust people. These crowds are a bad influence and should be left alone.
Justice in reverse can also foretell some frustration with legal matters or an altercation. A person could be uncomfortable about it and disrupt the legal process. Stay calm and tell the truth. However, if you are guilty, do not expect things to go entirely in your favor. Lies told under a court case will be brought to light. Even if you hide them, someone will find out and punish you.
Someone could also be judging themselves in excession. They judge themselves to the point of anxiety and insecurity. They might be unhappy with their life situation and blame it on others instead of trying to actively fix it themselves.
A person could also be exposed as a liar and is trying to hide from shame.
Justice reversed could represent a corrupt system or the government. Something is going on undercover and secrets are being held.

When it comes to Justice, just come clean. Be honest with not only Lady Justice but yourself and those around you. Be positive and respect the law of the land and the Spiritual Court of Law. What is done in the dark always comes to the light.

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