Jun 9

The Inverted Pentagram

Most, if not all people, are aware that the inverted pentagram is a Satanic symbol. However, very few people are aware of what is represents and why it is inverted unlike the Wiccan star.

Each point of the star represents the four elements and the element of quintessence; water, fire, earth and air with aether as the quintessence, which holds the four elements together. These are the elements from which the human soul is derived.

So, why is it inverted in Satanism? Is there any specific reason?

The pentagram is inverted to send energy back into the earth. Man has been destroying the only planet we can inhabit – at least for now. When energy is returned into mother Gaia, it strengthens her and assists her in being able to protect and preserve herself. We must continue to send energy back into the earth – before it is too late.

It is preferential the energy into the earth is far more important than sending energy into the cosmos.

About the Author:

Kenneth is a philosopher as well as the founder of Free-Spirited Mind. He specializes in modernized spellcraft and other forms of occultism, and bears no responsibility based upon what is done with the methodologies depicted in his articles.