Aug 12

The 5th House in Astrology

The fifth house is a succedent one, and has Leo as its natural ruler sign and the Sun as the planetary ruler. The house is responsible for pleasure, love and entertainment; all those shiny little moments, things and circumstances that make the native’s reality beautiful. It is a rather vital house for one’s everyday reality, where the presence of nearly any planet is positively affecting the native’s life. The fifth house is how one expresses himself, and signifies his personal road towards happiness.

The house is all about how the individual has fun; this includes all forms of gaming and hobbies. Both athletic activities and recreational games are represented here, while also their bad qualities such as gambling and financial speculation. The fifth house is ruling creativity and pursuits, and thus rules all hobbies. Collecting objects, searching, hunting or simply playing with luck are definitely to be found in the astral parameters of the house. Except from hobbies, the native’s manias and obsessions fall in this house too. Many times, the border between a hobby and an obsession is rather blurry, and these two are different sides of the same coin.

Sex as a recreational activity is also to be observed in the fifth house, opposed to spiritual sex which is ruled by the 8th house. The 5th house refers to casual sex as a game of conquer, as another athletic activity that keeps the body and the mind healthy and alive. Furthermore, romantic relationships and flirting in general are also considered subjects of the house.  Falling in love, getting excited and enthusiastic, meeting new people and goofing around are 5th house matters too. As Leo is the ruling sign, theaters, drama and acting are to be found also here. Leo and the Sun are also ruling leadership, so the house can be an indicator of leading abilities and tendencies that the native has.


In addition, the house rules the first child of the native, and planets that are present there can reveal the gender and the character of the child. Also, these planets and the sign where the fifth house cusp is positioned can show the sign of the child and the planetary influences that prevail in it. The second child is ruled by the 7th house, the third child by the 9th and so on. The native’s fertility is easily observed through the sign and planets located in the house too.

The 5th house partly rules ones childhood; more particularly, it rules what the native chooses as activities. As we already have mentioned, childhood is mostly ruled by the 4th house. The external situations, actions and people are falling in that category. The 5th house is ruling the fun part of the early ages; how the child plays and discovers the world around it, how it expresses itself through creation, amusements and performances. Artistic or athletic tendencies of the native can also be seen through this house, and the presence of various planets and signs are shaping the activities in which the child indulges. The house is also responsible of pride and showing off, while also of all types of celebration and partying.

Want to chase your luck? The fifth house is what you should examine in your chart, in this case. The Laws of Chance and the native’s ability to use them in his favor are to be found here. Benefic planets definitely grant the chart owner better chances, while malefics create a handicap – or even bad habits and addictions concerning luck games.

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