Oct 18

Fear of the Occult

The main concern for the curious person researching information on the occult is that there is an overwhelming fear of not only backfire but of the subject as a whole as well. I know what you’re thinking – why? The reason is more complex than it may seem. There are two main components that answer […]

Oct 10

Psychic Shield Spell

Psychic shielding is a technique we use to create a boundary for energy (to protect us from psychic attacks), whether we do it consciously or not. This spell is one which advances this natural boundary and gives us an upper hand in life. This spell, as always, is available for instant access. As always, you […]

Oct 3

Front of the Parking Lot Spell

Have you ever waited in traffic just to find that when you arrive at your location, the closest parking spot is in the back of the building? What a headache! Here’s a solution. This spell is designed to allow you to gain access to parking in the front of the building wherever you go. And […]

Sep 28

Anatomy of a Spell

The most popular form of magick is that of spellcasting. Now that I’ve demonstrated how to raise and manipulate energy in the previous articles that have been linked, it’s time to go further into detail and explain the anatomy of a spell. There are four parts to a successful spell and can come in many […]

Aug 4

How To: Perform Sigil Magick

Sigil magick is one of the most well-known forms of magickal practice. It involves the creation of a sigil, which is a seal that holds occultic power. If followed carefully, this can be one of the most effective forms of magick for beginners who are still questioning the existence or power of the occultic arts. […]