Jul 19

Why Satanism?

One of the most common questions people (especially reverends) of any faith are asked by others who are so-called ‘religion-shopping’ is the question, “Why should I believe what you have to say?” With religions such as the Judeo-Christian-Islamic ones the answer nine times out of ten is, “So you don’t burn for all of eternity!” […]

Jul 18

Christianity and the Enslavement of Mankind

Without a shadow of a doubt, Christianity is the world’s most popular religion. We will get to the reason why momentarily, but to begin, let’s analyze a few common observations regarding the followers of this faith and the religion as a whole. To begin, anybody with an open mind, Christian or not, can easily see […]

Jun 9

The Inverted Pentagram

Most, if not all people, are aware that the inverted pentagram is a Satanic symbol. However, very few people are aware of what is represents and why it is inverted unlike the Wiccan star. Each point of the star represents the four elements and the element of quintessence; water, fire, earth and air with aether […]

Jun 9

Principles of Satanism

As with any other system of beliefs, Satanism has several principles of practice. These include the following: Indulgence Over Abstinence – this means that is okay to have sex with any individual as long as they are of age and it is consensual, to drink or do drugs, to smoke cigarettes, etc. This, of course, […]

Jun 8

666 Foundation Meditation

This is a very basic and easy meditation technique used as a foundation technique for more advanced meditations. It is excellent for generalized meditation, and quickly calms the mind and quenches the soul. It is Satanic in nature, however, anybody can practice this and it does not commit you to the Satanic practice. To begin, […]

Jun 7

How To: Dedicate Your Soul to Satan

This ritual is a very serious and binding one. Do not perform this ritual unless you are very serious about following Satan’s left hand path for the rest of your life. It is recommended that you do immense amounts of research from multiple sources before even considering performing this ritual. With this being said, let […]

Jun 7

Standard Ritual to Satan

This ritual is meant to honor Satan and the other gods of Hell. Tools and items you will need: Black or Blue Candle Incense (Dragon’s Blood is preferred for rituals to Satan personally) Athame (Left index finger will suffice if unavailable) Black Robe (Optional) Wine, Cigarette, or Cannabis To begin, go ahead and purify your […]

Nov 28

Spiritual Satanism: Practice and Beliefs

For the individual who is researching theistic Satanism, it can be confusing to see how different covens/ministries differ in their practices and, more importantly, political beliefs. Yes, I’m talking about the JoS Ministry. Why is this so? How can such a solid set of principles and beliefs have such drastic messages? In this article we […]

Oct 24

Introductory Look into Satanism

Satanism is a modern representation of a philosophical understanding of the world which is in no way new to humanity. It is, at its core, a philosophy which puts the individual at the center of one’s attention. It is a philosophy which champions the carnal instead of seeing the material world as lowly in contrast to the spiritual […]