Feb 3

Natal Neptune Retrograde

Neptune, the spiritual and mystical planet, is in retrograde motion approximately 5 months every year. This means that roughly half of the population is having the planet retrograde in their natal chart. Any retrograde natal planet in a natal chart is signifying that its energies are turned inwards, at least for the beginning of the […]

Jan 21

Neptune in Astrology

Neptune is the second farthest planet from the Sun in our solar system, and was discovered in 1846. It is considered an “ice giant” and curiously enough is sometimes orbiting farther to the Sun than Pluto, due to the elliptic orbit of the last one. The planet’s glyph is the Poseidon’s trident, the weapon he […]

Nov 10

Natal Neptune in the 11th House

With natal Neptune in the 11th house, the native’s friendships are surrounded by the planet’s mist, making them either fantastic or deceptive. The sign in which Neptune is located, and especially the aspects of other planets play a very important role in defining if this natal placement is good or bad. In any case, the […]

Nov 3

Natal Neptune in the 10th House

When an individual has Natal Neptune in the 10th hose, his career matters are strongly dependant on the planets condition. A well aspected Neptune will have an astonishing effect, while an adversely aspected can act as a totally passive malefic, which the native has absolutely no control over. Nevertheless, the 10th house is a rather […]

Oct 23

Natal Neptune in the 8th House

In case that a native has natal Neptune in the 8th house, he will be a strong receptor of spiritual currents. This is a double-edged knife; the positive side is that he can reach high levels of spirituality and unconditional love through his relationships, the negative is a rather wide spectrum of deception- and self-deception. […]

Oct 15

Natal Neptune in the 7th House

Having your natal Neptune in the 7th house is a rather tricky position, as the planet will complex all matters concerning marriage, business partnerships and legal issues. This placement does not indicate tragic and harsh events, but rather a disillusionment and annoyance about everything ruled by this house. Neptune is the planet responsible for dissolution, […]

Oct 4

Natal Neptune in the 6th House

When Neptune is placed in the 6th house of a natal chart he indicates a troubled everyday reality. This placement is a difficult one, creating a rather careless person with many difficulties structuring his life. He should be very careful not to become prey of mischievous individuals that choose victims in order to use them. […]