Aug 29

Advanced Sigil Magick

In my previous article on How To: Perform Sigil Magick, I described the basic technique of utilizing the art of sigilization in order to bring the will into the physical realm, but there has to be a simpler method of sigilization that produces the same results, right? To begin, unlike taking the willed statement and crossing […]

Jun 9

What is Magick?


Magick can come in many different forms; Sigil, candle, incense, ceremonial/ritual, and energy manipulation/chaos magick. Essentially, magick is the practice of bringing the practitioner’s will into the physical realm, or in whatever form it may manifest. The method used is irrellevent and is solely the magickian’s preference. Sigil Magick is performed by creating a sigil […]

Feb 23

The Magician Card

The Magician is the first card of the Major Arcana. He is depicted as being surrounded by roses, accompanied with the 4 suits, representing the elements. He has an infinity sign above his head which is representative of eternity, and a serpent around his waist representing his creativity, wisdom, and power. He wears a white […]

Nov 21

Pseudo Pantheon & Egregore Creation

In Chaos Magic, often the Gods called upon need not be true Spirits. The emotional process of summon a God is sought after, yet not an actual external Spirit. Often we can call upon the Gods of our inner subconscious. These Gods represent different aspects of the magician’s own will. The Chaos Magician knows that they are […]

Oct 18

Fear of the Occult

The main concern for the curious person researching information on the occult is that there is an overwhelming fear of not only backfire but of the subject as a whole as well. I know what you’re thinking – why? The reason is more complex than it may seem. There are two main components that answer […]

Oct 3

Front of the Parking Lot Spell

Have you ever waited in traffic just to find that when you arrive at your location, the closest parking spot is in the back of the building? What a headache! Here’s a solution. This spell is designed to allow you to gain access to parking in the front of the building wherever you go. And […]

Sep 28

Anatomy of a Spell

The most popular form of magick is that of spellcasting. Now that I’ve demonstrated how to raise and manipulate energy in the previous articles that have been linked, it’s time to go further into detail and explain the anatomy of a spell. There are four parts to a successful spell and can come in many […]

Aug 19

Psychic Vampirism: Feeding Techniques

As I mentioned previously in my article Introduction to Real-Life Vampirism, psychic vampires need to feed off the energies of others. It’s simply their nature. This article is meant to provide two feeding techniques that a few of my vampire friends use. The first one is called tendril feeding. This is to drain energy out […]

Aug 19

How To: Perform a Lycanthrophic Energy Overload

While there are plenty of psychic vampires running across the earth, there are very few individuals who practice Lycanthrophy, myself included. Lycans, unlike vampires, have a hyperactive chakral system, causing energy to circulate through the body at a much faster pace, making every emotion feel very intense. Lycans are typically diagnosed as bipolar 1 depression. […]