Sep 17

Natal Pluto in the 10th House

Pluto is known to be of the most intense planets, and his presence is creating an inner need of controlling the issues represented by the house where he is located. When it is located in the 10th house it affects the native’s career and public image, sometimes leading to obsessions concerning these life areas. The […]

Sep 17

Natal Planets in the 1st House

The First House is the house of the self. It signifies what someone IS. This means, that the body, the mind, and the behavior of the native are largely influenced by this house and any planet or mathematical point that is positioned inside it. Everything that has to do with one’s appearance falls under rulership […]

Sep 14

Natal Jupiter in the 7th House

When Jupiter, the grand benefic, is placed in the 7th house of the natal chart the native will receive the planet’s benevolent energy in all issues concerning unions and partnerships. This is a particularly good natal placement, especially in women charts; they might make their dream of a wonderful marriage a reality. The same thing […]

Sep 13

Natal Pluto in the 3rd House

When someone has Pluto, the transformative planet positioned in the 3rd house of his natal chart, his intellect is receiving the raw energy produced by the planet, manifesting intensely in all affairs connected with communication. This natal position might be difficult for the native’s childhood years; nevertheless it will create an adult who has extremely […]

Sep 12

Natal Mercury in the 3rd House

When Mercury is located in the third house of a natal chart, it feels at home. The third house is traditionally connected to Gemini and their ruler planet Mercury, and thus strongly associated with the intellect. This placement is extremely beneficial to have, and as you can guess it has a very positive effect on […]

Sep 11

Natal Mars in the 3rd House

Having the impulsive planet Mars in the third house has a strong impact on the native’s mind and ways of communication. Such people have very active minds that can even become aggressive. They like to argue and debate and receive pleasure in verbally defeating other people. When someone has Mars in the third house, his […]