Dec 28

How To: Create Holy Water

Holy water is made from sal salis. To learn how to make this, please refer to my article on How To: Create Alchemical Planetary Tinctures. It is used in consecration, purification, and in rituals. This is a six-step process once the sal salis has been created. Step 1. Place a glass of spring or filtered rainwater on your altar. […]

Dec 26

The Seven Lords and Their Plants

This article is meant to serve as a reference for the seven lords, their days, and the plants they rule. So, without further ado the seven lords and their plants. The Sun The Sun rules Sunday. Its plants are as follows: Rosemary, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Clove, Eyebright, Ginger, St. John’s Wort, Acacia tree seeds and resin, Angelica, […]

Dec 24

How To: Create Alchemical Planetary Tinctures

Planetary Tinctures

Today we’re going to be creating some planetary tinctures. There are three stages to this process, with multiple steps within each. This is a part of the lesser work (using plants). So, without further ado, a tutorial on creating planetary tinctures. Stage One: Extracting Sal Salis Extracting Sal Salis, otherwise known as ‘salt of the […]

Dec 21

Dew and its Place in Alchemy

dew in alchemy

What is Dew? Have you ever walked on grass in the morning after a cool night and it was wet when it had not rained? The water you see and feel is called dew. Dew is water droplets that form on cool surfaces at night, meaning it can form on any surface that is cool; […]