Sep 25

Part of Fortune in the 7th House

The Part of Fortune is an astrological point which can be calculated with the help of the Sun placement, the Moon placement and the Ascendant. It represents the distance between the Sun and the Moon in the natal chart, added to the Ascendant degree. Depending on whether the native is born during the day or […]

Mar 10

Chiron in the 7th House

Chiron placed in the 7th house of a natal chart indicates some emotional wounds connected with how the native perceives his close relationships.The seventh house rules partnerships, no matter if they are between us and our significant others, or of a business nature. Chiron’s presence here shows unresolved traumas concerning the concept of unification. It […]

Dec 21

South Node in the 7th House

Being born with the South Node in the 7th house indicates that the native should concentrate less on partnerships with other people, and force himself into developing himself as an independent individual. As the Lunar Nodes are always opposing each other, a 7th house South Node gives a 1st house North node. That placement has […]

Oct 18

Natal Pluto in the 7th House

Pluto is widely known as the most intense planet, and when positioned in the house of partnerships he will definitely make the house matters be of a very dynamic nature. Natal Pluto in the 7th house indicates issues concerning control concerning the native’s partnerships; this is not necessarily bad though, as they will have tremendous […]

Oct 16

Natal Mars in the 7th House

Having natal Mars in the 7th house can be a rather difficult placement for marital affairs. As the house is traditionally ruled by Libra and Venus, the powerful red planet can bring disturbances if located here; nevertheless there are a lot of other factors to be observed before reaching such conclusions. Mars might be considered […]

Oct 15

Natal Neptune in the 7th House

Having your natal Neptune in the 7th house is a rather tricky position, as the planet will complex all matters concerning marriage, business partnerships and legal issues. This placement does not indicate tragic and harsh events, but rather a disillusionment and annoyance about everything ruled by this house. Neptune is the planet responsible for dissolution, […]