Jan 10

South Node in the 5th House

Being born with the South Node in the 5th house indicates that the native should give less importance towards recreational activities, and instead concentrate on developing his social instincts. In addition, a vital karmic request of his path is to blend with groups of people, understand the value of friendship and even having an important […]

Feb 1

North Node in the 5th House

Having your North Node in the 5th house of the natal chart automatically also means that the South Node is located in the 11thhouse. This natal placement of the North Node indicates heavy emphasis on matters concerning one’s love life and affairs, while also his children and the relations with them. In addition, the axis […]

Feb 1

Part of Fortune in the 5th House

The Part of Fortune is an astrological point which can be calculated with the help of the Sun placement, the Moon placement and the Ascendant. It represents the distance between the Sun and the Moon in the natal chart, added to the Ascendant degree. Depending on whether the native is born during the day or […]

Jan 19

Chiron in the 5th House

Natal Chiron in the 5th house of a natal chart indicates some emotional wounds connected with how much the native played as a child. The fifth house rules recreational activities and fun; thus its presence here shows unresolved traumas related to the house’s matters. Chiron in the fifth house can also signify an early disappointment […]

Oct 7

Natal Sun in the 5th House

The Sun feels at home in the 5th house, because the house is traditionally ruled by Leo. This is a very good natal placement, enhancing the native’s recreational life, love affairs and gives a very playful character. It is a very good natal aspect for having children and raising them. Nevertheless, some minor problems can […]