Oct 8

Six of Wands Card

The Six of Wands is the sixth pip in the Suit of Wands. In Latin decks, it is a pip with a symmetrical design of six batons. The Rider-Waite deck shows a scene of celebration. There is a group of people seemingly awaiting the man’s arrival. His baton is decorated with a small wreath.  Other people have their own batons raised as if to celebrate a homecoming of some sort. This is a positive chaotic noise unlike the one in the Five of Wands. This is pure excitement.

In the Upright

There is some sort of victory happening in the life of the querent. They are either in the vicinity of victory or there will be one on the horizon. Someone may be one of the best in their profession or skill. There is some sort of honor to be achieved or maybe even fame.
You could be extremely passionate about something or an area of life. The querent is confident in their progress and may possess good leadership and charisma skills. This is a person who is enthusiastic and motivates not only themselves but others. This can also be a very inspiring person. If the querent is a leader, they should be a fair and just one, someone who has a reign opposite of a dictatorship or fascist.
The Six of Wands could also preclude to someone who has no objection to following along with the crowd. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it is a part of working together. This is also a person who is happy to be a part of a bandwagon or a cause. This is especially good for those in politics.
Those who own businesses may have a following of loyal customers or sponsors. New businesses may be on the rise with positive reception and happy customers.
Relationships are positive under the Six of Wands. A couple is working together for their individual and group success. They are viewed and believed to be inseparable and unstoppable.

In Reverse

Delays and setbacks are here again. Progress has been slowed down or even halted. The current victory is temporary and will not last like expected.
Someone may also be at a loss for moving on in life after prior struggles. Someone may also be in the progress of trying to undercut the querent. It could be for good reason. Whoever achieved the success could have cheated their way to the top or used dirty tactics. Someone may know this and is actively trying to stop it.
The victor could also have an inflated head. They could be arrogant, snobbish, or smug. Their following may be ready to leave them or they could have disrespected their following outright. Their pride is out of control and the public will have it no more. Someone’s support net during their journey could also have left their side.
On the flipside, the querent could have low self-esteem or confidence. They don’t believe that they can achieve their dreams. They could also be very lazy. They dream big but act small or not at all.
To add another side to the story, the querent could be overly passionate about what they’re doing.
There is also a possibility that the Six of Wands talks about a person who is overly ambitious and biting off more than they could probably chew. This person could also be easily manipulated, gullible and have no judgement. They are easily led or misled. They parrot whatever they hear and seemingly have no loyalty at all.
Businesses may lose success during this time. The loyal customers may have all disappeared, a business in your niche may be doing a better job than you so everyone flocks there instead, or either you hyped up your business to something it is not and watched your reputation fall flat upon its face.
Even relationships could be struggling. A person may start putting their career or hobby ahead of their partner or even themselves. It could also symbolize lack of loyalty in a relationship. Things like unhappy marriages or even cheating could be predicted.

Although the Six of Wands is wildly positive, these successes have their limits. Be careful and do not get too comfortable in your success. After all, pride does come before the fall. Always evaluate your position, even when in the highest degree of success.

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