Oct 9

Seven of Wands Card

The Seven of Wands is the 7th pip in the Suit of Wands. Latin decks feature seven wands on a symmetrical design similar to the French pips. The Rider-Waite deck shows an everyday man among a bunch of batons. He has one, presumably to be is original baton, hoisting it in the air above his head. He looks as if he is trying to guard and protect them. After the ceremonies and battling, he could be interpreted as putting his journey in front of him and taking it off the backburner. His is done with this celebrations and is ready to move forward with more serious matters. He is now defending his post. Having enjoyed his fun, he is ready to put on his game-face and keep going.

In the Upright

Now is time to stand your ground. You may be fighting competition for your current position in life. Keep your guard up and watch who you trust. Keep your friends close but enemies closer. Because of your newfound fame, there will be many false friends coming your way. People who you think are allies may be moochers.
There could also be a busy schedule at hand. Life and people may be demanding all sorts of things from you and the load is simply too much to bear. The calendar is always full and every hour is packed with something. The newfound reputation has its burdens and the itinerary is loaded. The fame could feel unfulfilling and the work you did for yourself could feel like work done for others. There may be more commitment than originally planned and the stress is piling on, possibly by the truckload. The hard work that brought you to this point seems to only get you into predicaments with obligation after obligation. Be out there trying to yank your fame and prestige away. Another situation is becoming famous but no one really liked you in the first place.
Sometimes the querent could be involved with slander, derogatory comments and even scandal. Someone could also be belligerent or aggressive in the workplace. Everyone wants a raise, everyone wants a promotion. Being a pretty well-known face in the workplace could drum up more competition than expected. Someone could be after your job. If you’re the leader of a group or team, you could be viewed as annoying. Even though your intentions are pure and genuine, people are just downright bothered.
With relationships, there can be a few obstacles. Petty and stupid arguments may arise and it seems like you are always fighting with your partner or friends for stupid reasons. Competition for positions in the lives of others could arise. Your best friend could be making friends with someone else or your partner or crush could start showing an interest in someone else besides you. The unwanted competition tends to pop up out of the dark and now is time to stand your ground with both the competition and the person involved.

In Reverse

There could be some dirty dealings going on behind closed doors. The fame you achieved could have been a complete “fake it till you make it” stunt. Your credentials and leadership may be questioned. Be wary of other people trying to steal your position from under you.
You could also be crumbling under pressure. There may be too much and lots more than you anticipated.
Your defenses could be weak. You may be giving into everyone and everything. You have a hard time telling people “no”. You may also be oblivious to things going on around you such as people stealing your job or getting advice from you only to use it against you. You may have to admit defeat sometime soon. It may be a good idea to especially if the obligations are driving you mad and causing a mental disturbance.
There could also be a person, including the querent who is acting like a dictator. They have assumed absolute authority and expect people to listen to them. In reality, they have no authority and is in the position of an ant thinking that it is a god. Someone’s leadership skills could have proven to be false and they have outed as a fraud. When it will come or if it has already depends on what position the card is in and the ones around it. This can also be an example of someone falling from grace or honor. The public now sees through the veil of their glamor and got to the puny person underneath. There could have been a slandering going on or someone started a defamation movement against you. There could have been good intentions for the public or downright ill-will. If the victor has been covering something up, someone will find out.
In the workplace, the above does not leave you. The workplace can become a hostile environment with people coming at you from all directions. Where you once had the defenses for job-grabbing jerks, you don’t have it now. You could be at risk for losing your job or promotion. The competition could be vicious and cutthroat. Someone could also be sabotaging you for a job. You could also be lying for a job. You know, pumping up your resume with things that may not be the truth or the whole truth. People won’t like this. After all, these are people paychecks we’re talking about. Businesses could start failing because the niche is overcrowded or simply does not have enough demand. The business that once claimed to have some sort of specialty may have sold and became all inclusive. The business may have started outsourcing work and have domestic or local employees losing their jobs.
In relationships, the querent could have begun imagining problems that are not there. A parent could be very stubborn or aggressive to the other. Family and friends could also start butting into a relationship until it feels like a relationship with everyone. There is just general unhappiness and it could be tearing the couple apart.
When the Seven of Wands rolls around in reverse, the querent could feel uncomfortable and very isolated. They could feel alone, sad or stressed out. The whole journey or even day to day life could be too much for them.

The Seven of Wands is a card that encourages you to stand up for yourself. If anyone challenges you or your progress, stand your ground. However, double-check to ensure that your victory was granted in the purest of faith and action. Achieving fame and honor on lies, cheating and misconceptions will come back to bite you in the long run.

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