Jan 29

The Regressive Left: A War Of Words

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The identity politics of The Regressive Left are a large point of contention for today’s political dialogue.  It is these politics that helped determine the outcome of the election and the aftermath.
The primary factor that has propelled these politics to the forefront is the lexicon it employs and the logic via which it’s adherent’s view the world. Today, I will be exploring those tactics and aspects of this movement, and why it is a threat.

You have no doubt come across the terms “safe-space” “trigger warning”, “white privilege”, “derailing” etc, as well as the labeling of things and people as “sexist”, “racist”, “islamophobic” and “Homophobic” with unusual frequency and  a loose application of those terms.   You are likely scratching your head trying to figure it all out. You have discovered the lexicon of modern progressivism.  Language is a powerful thing. When one controls the words used to convey an idea,  they can, to an extent, use that control to manipulate the outcome of the conversation. By restricting words, they restrict thought. By controlling words, they control thought.

It’s quite Orwellian in nature. It’s an overused political cliche, to be sure, but the comparison with Orwellian newspeak is warranted in this case. Eventually, there exists no language with which the challenge the dominant idea. This is how the system of political correctness works. (and yes, the  right can be just as guilty of this).This is not used to control the thoughts of others, but rather control the thoughts of its own adherents. This linguistic and psychological memetic neuro system creates a sort of bubble that traps the adherent inside.  The linguistics form the lens with which information is processed.

The adherent, who formulates their ideas within this structure, creates a thought pattern in which all ideas are processed into a simple black and white dichotomy. All opposing ideas are seen as not only evil but inherently the same. To them, a pro-LGBT, anti-racist,  libertarian is just as racist as a white nationalist. Opposing even the fiscal agenda of the left, in their minds, implies opposing whichever groups they are supposedly trying to protect and is, therefore, evil. No thought is given to the prospect of an opposing methodology creating a better situation for everyone involved.  One cannot be a feminist and not a socialist. One can not be anti-racist, unless they agree with all tenets of the ideology, as to them, everything is connected to one key problem.

At the core of this ideology is the notion of collective responsibility.  This is fallacious as it disregards the character, strength, needs, abilities and weaknesses of the individuals who make up a group, in favor of the group as a whole. It implies that everyone within a particular group bears in part responsibility for the actions of all individuals in that group.

This is a dangerous combination. It has created an army of well-intentioned zealots. They gain control the of the narrative, they gain control of the language. They gain control of the outcome. There is something bubbling beneath the surface of all this. There is an agenda. No one knows quite what it is yet. It’s not a conspiracy, but a massively misguided step in the wrong direction.  Soon, no one will be able to speak in opposition without having a label slapped on them by the media, and once someone with not so great intentions gets in a place of power, they can use that control to cement their position. Be wary. This is not going away anytime soon.

About the Author:

Jake is a Libertarian, occultist, comedian, musician and armchair philosopher. He advocates for drug legalization, minimal government, and individual liberty.
  • Mark

    The right is just as bad! Will you ever do an article on them?

    Thanks, love your articles!

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    • Jake

      Oh in due time I sure will. Just gotta wait for them to do something worthy of a good thrashing. And thank you so much for reading and commenting! I’m delighted to see people enjoying my work!

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