Nov 21

Pseudo Pantheon & Egregore Creation

In Chaos Magic, often the Gods called upon need not be true Spirits. The emotional process of summon a God is sought after, yet not an actual external Spirit. Often we can call upon the Gods of our inner subconscious. These Gods represent different aspects of the magician’s own will. The Chaos Magician knows that they are not real, but when in ritual fully indulges in the fantasy that they are Gods. Create your own pseudo pantheon. Treat them as if they were truly Gods. Sometimes it’s easier to fully tap into your own power if you externalize the power source. Know, however, that it is truly your own Will’s power. When creating your Pantheon, give them attributes to hold as a personal form in your mind. Write down what they look like and create a sigil if you’d like. Most importantly, give them a name or a title!

One should create a Pseudo Pantheon based on the different aspects of one’s Will, Mind and Self. These aspects should be goal oriented, thus each can be given a specific function. Perhaps consider things such as protection, healing, cursing or events. Giving personification to different aspects of yourself can help fully immerse you in your ritual, empowering it and increasing its potential for success. You must create these different aspects to be like pseudo Gods in one’s mind. Know that they are not sentient beings. However, during ritual, you must suspend disbelief and approach them as if they are true Gods. The faith expands the power necessary to make the ritual a success. To use the Gods of your Pseudo Pantheon, begin your ritual. Act as though you’re summoning these beings for an astral realm from the depths of your subconscious. Petition and demand them to do your will. Even give them offerings to empower them and your ritual. Then, send them forth to do your will.

The next step from this is to make the Pantheon more concrete, should you wish for them to hold more permanent power. This is when one may wish to instill the properties of your created Pantheon into individual Egregores. The difference is in how one approaches them. Instead of petitioning and sending them off to do your will, once you summoned up their presence see it as an entirely separate entity. See the form as permanent or at least lasting as long as needed. See them as being created to serve your desires without question. It is important to note that each one you create should have its own ritual done specifically for their creation. This is so that one may properly program it with ever aspect you wish to infuse it with. You must attribute it with what it needs to get the job done. This is done by willing it to be programmed as such.

If you wish for your new creation to stick around, you must do occasional maintenance on them. You can of course program them to do self maintenance in the initial creation process, but you should still be made aware of what it takes to maintain them. Think of them like a robot. They do their work, but as they function they begin to lose energy. When they’re out they completely break down and fade away.

There are two ways to avoid this. One way is to feed them energy yourself. This is simply a matter of willing fresh energy into their system. The other is to program them to take in new energies as they go about doing your will. This will cause them to be ever sustaining. Egregores can even be programmed to grow and grow. With this in mind, have them not only take in enough energy to sustain but also to grow in power. With time, an egregore can be a powerful tool at the magician’s disposal.


About the Author:

Shadow is our secondary leading occult author and head Reverend of the Church of the Free-Spirited Satanist.