Jan 12

Natal Sun in Taurus

When a person has his natal Sun in Taurus, it means that he belongs to the zodiac sign of Taurus. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and has beneficial Venus as its ruling planet. The period of Taurus starts on the 21st of April and lasts until the 21st of May. Slight differences […]

Jan 10

Natal Sun in Aries

When a person has his natal Sun in Aries, it means that he belongs to the zodiac sign of Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and has fiery Mars as its ruling planet. The period of Aries starts exactly at the time of the Spring equinox, which usually happens on the 21st […]

Feb 29

The Sun Card

The Sun is the nineteenth trump of the Major Arcana. The Sun is exactly what it implies. It is the light at the end of a tunnel, the twinkling star on the darkest of days. The Sun is a symbol of pure and untainted joy as well as a nourishing component of life. The card […]

Jan 30

The Sun in Astrology

The Sun is the brightest object in the sky, the life-giving star of our Solar System, and also the most important celestial body in astrology. Also called Sol, the Sun is impersonated by the ancient Greek goddess Helios. Life on earth is literally empowered by the Sun’s energy, with it having effect on all the […]

Oct 19

Natal Sun in the 10th House

With the Sun placed in the house of career, this life area will be heavily emphasized in the native’s reality.  The natal Sun in the 10th house is considered to be of the best Sun placement, and in special occasions can bring fame, glory and great success. This Sun’s placement indicates a successful and dominating […]

Oct 17

Natal Sun in the 9th House

Natal Sun in the 9th house is a wonderful placement; of course who could state an opposite thing for the grand benefic located in any house? When in the house traditionally ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter, the Sun will make the native strive to obtain higher knowledge and seek important ideas and ideals. The Sun […]

Oct 13

Natal Sun in the 7th House

With natal Sun in the 7th house of a chart, the individual will have marriage and unification as a very important priority in his life. This placement is ideal for people who want a good marriage; their whole existence might be actually karmically created in order to find their significant other. This natal placement indicates […]

Oct 10

Natal Sun in the 6th House

When the Sun is placed in the 6th house of a natal chart, it has a very strong effect on the native’s perception of employment. In addition, as the 6th house rules the body’s condition, the presence of our bright Star will make health matters an important part of a native’s life. Having the natal […]