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North Node in the 6th House

Having your North Node in the 6th house of the natal chart automatically also means that the South Node is located in the 12th house. This natal placement of the North Node indicates heavy emphasis on matters concerning one’s daily routines and health, while also his work and relations with co-workers, employers or employees. In addition, the 6th/12th axis shows that your life lesson involves your attitude towards secrets, the occult and places of restriction, while also the option of leaving behind your past lives and concentrating on your current reality.

As the Lunar Nodes indicate Karmic debts and connections with previous lifetimes, the native who has the North Node in the 6th house must dedicate himself entirely to his current lifetime. The South Node in the 12th indicates a lot of memories from previous lives, which haunt the native and consume a lot of his time and thoughts. He may frequently have isolation tendencies, during which a lot of energy is being absorbed and sent back to his previous lifetimes. The karmic path of such a native is to break this pattern, as he ends up vampirizing on his own self.

The North Node always shows us what route we must follow in order to develop ourselves, and most of the times it is not the easiest one to choose. Most people usually feel quite uncomfortable about marching towards fulfilling matters of the house where the North Node is located. This is because during previous lifetimes we have gathered a lot of experience concerning the South Node house matters. Indeed, we are lot more acquainted with the roads we have already walked; yet life requires from us to abandon the safety of known patterns and face development through unknown areas.

For fulfilling our cause, the North Node strengthens everything it touches. Of course, a lot of fears can be present concerning the direction it indicates, as it is a terra incognita yet to be discovered.  Yet, the North Node is quite beneficial when conjuncting any planet present in the house, even if it is a malefic. Naturally, a malefic planet adversely aspected will still remain a rather harsh lesson to learn. Spiritual growth will be eventually reached; even if it comes through difficulties, but generally expect the North Node of the Moon to bless you with expansion of the positive traits of any planet nearby.

The North Node in the 6th house signifies a karmic need to concentrate on his daily routines. He must establish a stable schedule, take care about his health and fill his reality with activities. Such a native must get more connected with his body, exercise and keep it in a good shape. He is born with an overactive spiritual world, which makes him forget that he has a carnal vessel too. He must pay attention to nourish and nurture it daily, or else health problems will appear.

Also, a sixth house North Node can bring to the native a karmic road of serving other people. He must learn to respect his co-workers, and establish harmonious relations with his employees or employers, depending on what type of career he is destined to have. Career-wise, he must learn to dedicate effort and see the products of his sweat. The North Node in the sixth can create fears of failure in one’s work, but the native is destined to reach his goals. It is the battle with the fear, that is the lesson; we should not forget that the 12th house is ruling our phobias and self-undoing.

The 6th/12th house Lunar Node axis brings the dilemmas “Present or Past”, “Body or Mind”, “Action or thought”, and we must choose the first option. Our previous incarnations were having a repetitive choice of the second, a pattern that we should stop now. It is possible that we did not have a different option during our previous lives. The 12th house indicates restriction in institutions. An individual’s South Node in the 12th house suggests that he has passed time in prisons, monasteries or asylums. It is natural that in such kind of places the body starts to lose its meaning, and our perception concentrates on our souls and thoughts.

This incarnation enforces us to forget and let go of those memories. The native’s body is now free, and he must give to it the credit it deserves. People with such a placement should indulge in physical activities slightly more than all the rest, so that they balance the connection of body and soul in the big picture.

A 6th house North Node requires us to abandon our fears, and not live a solitary life, isolated from the community. Solitude may attract them as they feel rather comfortable in it, but under no circumstances should they engage in such choices. Instead, they must find ways to push themselves into taking part in creative business projects and generally learn how to progress through work.

The 6th house rules pets and small animals, and the North Node makes the relation with them a necessary part of the native’s life. No matter if he likes animals or not, his karma suggests that he must own a pet. The presence of small animals in his life is necessary for his spiritual progress, while they can also heal his body and help him build necessary daily routines. By taking care of an animal daily, he will learn how to take care of his own self too. Of course, the North Node acts as a benefic, and usually helps great love develop between them and their pets.

Yet, the native should be very careful with handling large animals. They are ruled by the 12th house and not the 6th, so they symbolize things we should leave back. People with this placement are advised to stay away from large animals, especially if they have a malefic planet present in the 12th house. This can indicate accidents that can be the echo of difficult events of previous lifetimes. Do not bring those events to the current lifetime, stick to your 6th house.

The 12th house is all about self-sacrifice and giving, while the 6th one indicates putting a price. Sixth house North Node people know how to give for free, but have not learned to price their efforts and products. A life lesson for them is to understand the value of their work through money and benefits they receive from it. Also, other lessons include the matter of time. They must learn to keep their schedules, while also work with deadlines.

When you activate your sixth house and balance the karmic axis between the two Nodes, you will be able again to seek development in the twelfth house related matters. So, if a monastic life, selfless giving, solitude or your inner world are very important for you, you may safely dedicate yourself to them in your elder years. By developing your 6th house, you are actually opening the 12th house gates too. Only then you will be able to use your South Node in a proper way, this time consciously.

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  • Ulrika Dias

    This (and the south node in 12th house) are the best articles in astrology I have read in my life. This couldn’t be more accurate. Thank you so much for your wisdom, I have really learned why I am like I am and which path I should go towards to. The north node is such an important placements in someones chart and you could really make it clear by your wisdom that shines trough in your words. Thank you


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  • Gina

    Hello, Xaos.

    Do you plan posting your analysis on the North Node in 12th house?

    I feel very confused lately, regarding spirituality and the occult. Is this a path I should follow? Is that what a North Node in the 12th indicates? I also have Neptune in the 6th and Moon in the 8th, which according to your posts, are loaded with spiritual powers that I shouldn’t exercise or I’ll get in trouble. Would you offer some consultation on my birth chart for a fee?

    Thank you!

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    • Xaos is planning on posting analyses of all planets, conjunctions, astrological points, etc. Soon we will have automated paid readings – within the next month or two. It’ll be a hell of a lot cheaper than if he did it himself, even though the reading will be exclusively his articles. If you want, for now, you can purchase a planets in the houses analysis from him here. Please be advised that purchasing the report you will get free access to all the updated versions of this report which will include the analysis of the placement of Chiron, Lilith, Lunar Nodes, Part of Fortune and Vertex in the houses.

      – Kenneth McKrish, Free-Spirited Mind Founder

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