Oct 25

Natal Venus in the 9th House

The presence of Venus in any house is a very beneficial placement, but when she is high in the heavens it illuminates even more the worldly matters of the native. Natal Venus in the 9th house has a very positive effect on anything connected with education, religion, philosophy or travels.

The native who has such a natal placement will love traveling and will quite enjoy his journeys. He will adore foreign languages and possibly learn more than one, while also be fascinated by foreign culture and religions. Such people will spend a lot of time reading about traditions spirituality, getting connected through books with foreign philosophies. Their love for anything exotic will eventually help them travel a lot, while also gaining a lot from this activity. The possible gains are not only financial; in fact such gifts will be granted by Venus only if it is somehow connected with the 2nd or 8th house by sign. Depending on which house cusps are located in the signs of Taurus and Libra, you will understand the life areas that will be benefited from this natal placement of Venus. People with this natal placement adore geography from their young age, and will frequently pass time studying encyclopedias, maps or watching documentaries about our planet.

There are high possibilities of the native finding love abroad; Venus tends to bring attraction towards exotic people and in some cases even marriage to a foreigner. This is sure to happen if the cusp of the 7th house is located in Venus or Libra. People of different cultural backgrounds will be strongly attracted to the native too; he will feel a lot more popular than in his own country. This placement gives kind in-laws, who will give a lot of love to the native and have balanced relations with him.

Natal Venus in the 9th house is an indicator of writing and publishing. Individuals with such a placement will indulge in this activity with a lot of passion and love. Venus may urge the native write romantic literature, or generally create very artistic writings full of atmosphere. In case that Venus is residing in Leo, the native will write theater plays or movie scripts. The native will have a very rich vocabulary and people will love reading or listening to him. He can also become a travel writer or elsehow involved in publishing about matters of geography, cultures or religions.

While Venus placed in the ninth house is usually bringing higher education, it can make the person quite lazy and prolong the time he will study. For him, the surroundings of a university will bring a lot of fun and pleasure, making concentrating on the subjects quite difficult. People with this placement may indulge in a very active student life, full of parties and leisure activities.

In case that Venus is negatively aspected there are possibilities of never finishing his studies; nevertheless the things he will gain through any type of activities connected with his university will aid him a lot. Sometimes, it is not the diploma that counts in success; such a native may have an even more important asset to help him in his career. This would be the experiences he gained through blending with groups of students, good friendships and a broader sense of knowledge than a graduation paper can offer. Of course, this does not mean he will never graduate, and even if this happens it might be his conscious choice.

Venus in the ninth gives a great respect to the ceremonies and arts of various religions. The native may read a lot about them, travel to take part in different rituals and later publish books about his philosophic views on them. Eventually, they will choose one certain country or culture and fall in love with it, making it the epicenter of their attention. They become deeply connected with the collective soul of the foreign nation, and will usually relocate- at least for a period of some years.

Even if Venus is adversely aspected, it will still function well in the house traditionally ruled by Jupiter and Sagittarius. The blending of the two benefics planets’ energies will always create positive outcomes in the life of the individual. Nevertheless, hard aspects to the native’s Venus might initially give him a lot of escapism traits. His first steps towards discovering the world around him will be a general dissatisfaction with the everyday reality he experiences in his own place. This can be highly disturbing, especially during his young ages where a lot of restrictions are usually present. Nevertheless, when he comes of age and opens his wings, liberation will eventually come and new horizons are opened.

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