Oct 12

Natal Venus in the 6th house

When a person has his natal Venus in the 6th house, the benefic planet can bring very pleasant co-workers. The native has great diplomatic skills, being able to get easily liked by the rest employees and even charming a bunch of them. A person with such a placement will frequently receive offers of help by others, which can even make him working less as there can exist volunteers who will do parts of his job. A minor danger is that such a native will become underproductive and lazy, but after all their co-workers are usually not complaining for such an attitude!

As the 6th house is involved as an indicator about one’s profession, the presence of Venus will frequently create artists of all types. Even if the native does not follow an artistic occupation, Venus will still play her role, granting a work that is somehow connected to beauty. This could be anything; from a hairdresser or fitness/dance trainer to cosmetics specialist or even a person involved in recreation events. If this benefic planet is located in the 6th house of a native’s natal chart, the work surroundings are rather pleasant and even fun. Venus will make him be happy going to work, grant a lot of smiles from other people and make time pass quickly in such an environment. The native can even feel that he is not working but exercising some hobby or activity which would choose to do even if it was not connected to his financial prosperity. In addition, periods of unemployment could be rather dull and boring, giving some extra motivation to find a new job!

Venus has a rather good impulse on the native’s health, but he should definitely be careful with his nutrition patterns. Venus rules sugar and everything sweet, so there is a definite need of keeping indulgence in such treats as low as possible. In addition, as Venus is responsible for all types of pleasures, the native will tend to eat a lot of rich foods, which can be a rather unhealthy pattern.

When Venus is placed in the 6th house, it can give great love of small animals and happiness through them. The native’s pets will be very affectionate towards him, and he will probably feel a “love at first sight” when finds them. Such a placement will make the native spend a lot of money on their pets well-being, food, and even on their appearance! If there is a natal placement responsible about people who take their dogs in animal beauty salons, then it is definitely this. In case that Venus is also strongly connected to the 2nd house, then the native might even work in such a place.

As the 6th house is responsible for volunteering and service towards the society, this natal placement can create a native that will serve others, at least the ones he loves. People with Venus here love to make sudden presents, will frequently find ways to cheer others up and will very often gift clothes or other pieces of beauty. When speaking about volunteering, the native might indeed help some way the broader masses, but usually with his positive presence. There is nothing concrete that he can offer (unless of course Venus is conjunct some other planet in the 6th) and will be mostly of a supportive role. Indeed, sometimes being there for the others is a lot more precious than doing something in particular. The native might not be a doctor to help the poor pro bono, but will be around while others do the specialized work, granting his smile and positive attitude.

If you have this natal placement of Venus, you have rather heightened possibilities of falling in love with people from your work. Venus will always influence the workplace atmosphere, creating some kind of tingly magnetism and the mood to flirt. If Venus is ruling the person’s 7th house, or is quite near its cusp, the native might even his spouse through his job. Even if this does not happen, affairs with colleagues are definite to appear. In case that Venus has hard aspects with Mars, Saturn, Uranus or Pluto, then the native should really consider not entering such type of relationships. They might bring problems with other co-workers, or he might indulge in affairs with more than one person, bringing disharmony in the working environment.

Generally, this placement is a rather good one, as it can even brighten up the daily routines of the native. He will probably adore his daily patterns and be dedicated to some of them. If you have your natal Venus in the 6th house, you are of the lucky people that will enjoy the small things of the everyday reality. Be careful to not overindulge in your passions, and you will be blessed with very happy moments.

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