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Natal Venus in the 5th House

What can be better than having Venus in the house of joy and love? This wonderful placement is considered to be among the best a person can have in his natal chart, as the blessings of Venus blend with the traditional 5th house ruler sign, Leo. The result is a sunny love life, a lot of joy and fun, while also frequently gives a female first child. Planet Venus is feeling very comfortable in the house, and functions at its best.

When a native has his Venus in the 5th house, his character is playful, joyous and romantic. This placement gives popularity among friends and a strong love towards children. These people usually start their love life earlier than the average, and will feel strong loves even in their childhood and their teenage years. They are always in some kind of affair; Venus in the 5th house does not let someone without a crush- or even a horde of fans. They have a magnetic power upon others, and people can get easily and quickly attracted to them. Of course, such an immense power can be used for manipulation- which will probably even be misused if Venus has an adverse aspect with Mars or with Pluto.

In case that Venus is adversely aspected, there are many possibilities of simultaneous affairs and general promiscuity. Nevertheless, even with this aspect, the native will quite enjoy his love life and maybe even consciously choose to have more than one partner at the same period. Other people see in them the ideal date, and will frequently fall in love with them. On the other hand, a 5th house Venus person will break a lot of hearts during his life. This is quite natural, both due to the big amount of admirers and the butterfly-like character of the native.

The 5th house is ruling casual sex, and Venus will bring quite a lot of it. The native will simply love his sexual life, while their bed experiences have a touch of theatrical and dramatic. These natives are pleasure seekers and will not get satisfied with vanilla situations. For them, passion and hedonism are necessary ingredients of their intimacy; sex is their favorite game and can even have a childish approach towards it.

Venus in the fifth gives artistic tendencies and a lot of creativity, and the native can develop the talents of dancing or acting. Since being a small child, the chart owner was surrounded by beautiful art and music, so his artistic senses developed quickly. Such kinds of people usually have very good taste in arts, can create a wonderful atmosphere and choose the best decorations for their homes.

This placement usually gives children, and the first child is most of the times a female. In any case, the child will have strong Taurus or Libra emphasis in its chart; it will be rather beautiful and loving towards the chart holder. There will be a good relationship between it and the parent, and when it grows up it will be rather popular.

When it comes to partying, this planet is definitely the best. People with such a placement are real party animals, adoring being around friends and having all types of fun. This type of behaviors will even last during the elder age of the native; his lifespan might be longer than the average during to this positive outlook on reality. Most probably, the individual will also spend a lot of money on such kind of events. In addition, as the 5th house is associated with gambling, Venus gives tendencies towards lucky games. If Venus is well-aspected or somehow connected to the second house, there are big possibilities of gains; with adverse aspects one should restrain himself from gambling.

The general rule to follow with such a Venus is: have fun and live beautifully, just don’t overindulge in what you do.  Not that something bad will happen; on the contrary! Its just that one can make the magic of a great thing fade, if he constantly does it. Maybe you love burgers, but try eating 5 of them per day, and there will come one morning when you will say: “Enough”! You are lucky to have this placement and you should enjoy it- do not forget that your positive attitude also reflects in the lives of the people around you, enlightening them. Shine, and make others shine too- and if you make a party please invite us also.

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    I loved this post! I do actually have my Venus in the 5th and on Taurus, so that means that i’m pretty big on Arts and good food right?! But other than that, what does Taurus on the 5th with natal venus brings to the table?

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