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Natal Venus in the 4th House

When the warm rays of Venus shine through the 4th house of a natal chart, the basis of one’s existence is illuminated. The childhood years, the domestic life, the atmosphere that prevails in one’s home are receiving the planet’s positive vibrations and become areas of peace and comfort. This placement can create a housecat personality; such a native will prefer to stay at home than go outside.

The benefic planet gives great inspiration to the native to decorate their home; their everyday surroundings are considered very important and such natives adore investing their time and caring to making them look beautiful. They are very attached to it emotionally, and love to bring their friends so that their home becomes a venue filled with joy and happiness. Visits will be very frequent, and the native enjoys in preparing the atmosphere and the food to be served. They crave for security concerning their home; a comfortable and cozy place to live makes their everyday reality a lot more positive. They cannot stand discord and chaos concerning their place, and they need it tidy and clean. They have a general tendency to buy luxurious things for decoration, and can also spend big money on electric devices and other technology that makes their home functional.

The less dominant parent of the native, most times being the mother, is very beautiful and charming. This, along with the parent’s smooth character, creates sweet childhood memories. The native keeps the family’s traditions, and will carefully keep any relics transferred to him from his ancestors. Many times, these relics become also an important part of their house’s decoration, occupying some central place in the room and exposed for every visitor to see.

There is a lot of remembering of the childhood years, and nostalgic attitude towards them. The Venus in 4th person will try to recreate such a good atmosphere for his own family too; the love he received during his young age has formed roots deep in his soul and will give birth to a same kind of tree for his descendants. If Venus is negatively aspected, then the native risks being upset because the other people and his family do not really appreciate the atmosphere that he tries to create. He invests a lot into their joy; they seem to take that for granted or even not pay any attention. In such situations, the native can develop a passive-aggressive behavior; this is frequent when Venus forms a square with natal Mars.

Both during childhood but also into the adolescent years, people who have Venus in the fourth house are receiving a lot of financial help from their family. When Venus is very strong by placement and aspect, there are possibility of avalanches of money, connected to selling property, agricultural businesses, mines and lands. Natives with such a Venus condition should definitely follow real estate occupations. In case that Jupiter is conjuncting, trining or sextiling Venus, the results are furthermore enhanced, while a positive aspect with Uranus will make this windfall of money unpredicted and sudden.

People with Venus in the fourth house are compassionate and will do everything to help other people, even unknown to them. This Venus position will protect their love affairs, as their house becomes a sanctuary of romantic feelings. The home becomes a fountain of love and inspiration; it also affects positively any kind of occupation where the native works from his own house.

To sum up, this is a very positive placement which functions from the very early stages of the individual’s life, and also grants beautiful old age. The person might pass his last years concentrating on taking care of his back yard, taking care of his flowers and enjoying his fairytale in the world that he has created with his own hands. This might be the dream of many people; for fourth house Venus people though it is a reality that is definite to come.

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  • Elluch

    Beautiful article with nuggets of truth resonating in my own life. Mars conjuncts Venus in my natal 4th house but retrograding Jupiter and Vesta in Cancer in the 11th house squares it, and Uranus and Pluto in the 2nd squares it, too. I’m glad of the promise of a “beautiful old age”, now I wonder how I’d get there with less scrapes!

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  • Mutty Isis

    amém ! Great article

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