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Natal Venus in the 2nd House

One does not need a lot of imagination to understand what happens when the benefic planet of Venus is located in the house of possessions and wealth. This natal aspect is one of the best to have for your finances, as Venus is also the natural ruler planet of the second house. Its presence brings a prosperous life, while making the native a person who enjoys all types of luxury.

Venus, as the most feminine planet, attracts. Located in the second house, it attracts money. Indeed, the individuals born under this natal position will see a rather generous flow of cash through their pockets and bank accounts. Even if they do not become rich, they will live as one, spending extravagant amounts of money on entertainment, arts and beauty. Other people will regard them as a high-maintenance person, also because you yearn for quality in everything around them. Men with such natal placement will spend a lot on the women of their lives. As Venus is ruling arts, the individual might be also acquiring wealth through arts. This though does not mean that the person will be an artist himself.

Venus in the second house gives a great taste, as long as a natural ability of finding and obtaining items of beauty and value. The person adores being admired, and frequently feels that admiration towards him can be won through the things he possesses. He adores making presents, while also receiving back in return. Sometimes, return gifts are even expected, while gifting presents to others could hide a second plan under the action. For 2nd house Venus individuals, even love is sometimes won by offerings. This aspect can frequently bring situations where the native will try to buy out a relationship and one’s affection. In men’s charts, this can indicate spending money on luxurious prostitutes, or on women who are rather snobbish and are more drawn towards money and luxury than one’s character. This is for them the material proof of affection, and they love it being expressed both from them and towards them. Women with such a natal placement simply adore jewelry.

If Venus is not afflicted, the native is usually born in a rich family. The financial security experienced during their early ages creates a need to continue in such a motive, and there could be even a love of money as a material thing. More precisely, the native might adore counting money, looking at them and keeping them as a treasure to worship. Also, it might create a person that loves to collect foreign money and coins, enjoying their artwork. They are not necessarily materialists; it is what they can do with their wealth that matters more. After all, the Venusian fine vibrations make beauty a lot more important than numbers, and such individuals would really choose to have a beautiful life in beautiful surroundings than stingily keeping their money as numbers in their bank account.

Such individuals must be always careful of not being bribed or elsehow bought, especially if their natal Venus has some tough square with a planet in the 12th house. A fair piece of advice is to disassociate their self-esteem from their financial condition, as they tend to value themselves through what they own.

But, lets be honest, even these minor negative traits cannot make Venus in the 2nd house a bad position. People who have it in their natal chart are blessed to have an easy life – unless of course there are other indicators showing the opposite and not allowing Venus to function well. In case you have such an aspect, enjoy it! Wisely though, so that it continues granting you its blessings. Be grateful and keep your nose low!

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  • Noah Pinho

    I have venus in the 2nd house in conjunct with my North node, which is also in the second house. But my second house is in Scorpion (which means my South North is in 8th house Taurus). This isn’t a good position, is it?
    Anyway, I have great habilities with art, esthetics and styles. But I can’t have my own money and get out of my dad’s house. As matter of fact, I have never had a job. I keep reading this is a good position, but I don’t know how to use it in my favor.
    Oh, before I forget, my moon is in Taurus, in conjunct with my 8th South Node.
    Could someone comment something about these aspects? I’d appreciate it.

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  • Interesting..

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