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Natal Venus in the 11th House

With natal Venus in the 11th house, the chart owner receives quite a lot of blessings from the planet concerning his social activities and friends. This placement is wonderful for giving and taking love and affection from various groups of people, makes the native highly liked and even the heart of a company.

Venus will bring quite a large amount of friends and acquaintances and the person with such an aspect is an extrovert and very outgoing. All group activities flow in a harmonious way, giving him a lot of pleasure and making him be the center of attention. Venus is indicating flirting through groups of people, which will often also bring lovers who were previously friends. In case that the 7th house cusp is in Taurus or Libra, the native’s marriage partner will first be a friend for some time.

An 11th house Venus will make the native have friends of an artistic nature, many of them being musicians or other types of performers. In addition, this also signifies friends that work with beauty products; beauty and fashion is even becoming a central theme of conversations that can blend the group itself.

Due to the fact that the 11th house is opposing the 5th, which is ruling love, an individual with such an aspect will frequently prefer his friends over his lovers. In case there is some malefic planet in the fifth house directly opposing natal Venus, this placement can make various problems arise between the native’s friends and relationships. His lovers will be usually upset by the amount of time he dedicates to other people, and frequently feeling abandoned. This can lead to hostile actions towards his friends, especially if the planet placed in the fifth house is Mars or Pluto.

Venus placed in the house of group activity can greatly aid in all matters concerning organizations. The native will probably belong to at least one social community or club, and will be considered a vital part of it. Venus alone does not bring leadership, yet this can also happen if it is supported by Jupiter, Pluto or Mars. Usually, the native dedicates his attention to passing his time well through such organizations and does not have any particular inner need of receiving an authority position.

An adversely aspected Venus is making the individual rather careless with the friends he chooses, as he rushes to embrace all the people he meets as acquaintances. If Venus is ill-aspected by Mars or Pluto, problems can arise in those groups due to erotic reasons. The native may create awkward situations by dating people from the same group, which of course will have a rather turbulent effect. Nevertheless, the natural politeness of planet Venus will resolve such issues sooner or later.

The 11th house is also referring to help received from friends, and Venus placed here will definitely bring a lot of it. Many of the friends may be quite wealthy and will provide the native all the necessary aid. In case that Venus is very positively aspected, especially by Uranus or Jupiter, the native can become very rich through a friend. The friend may want to share his wealth with the native, or elsehow find some way so that the individual reaches financial prosperity.

In a man’s chart, such a natal position of Venus indicates a lot of female friends and very good relations towards the opposite gender. As the 11th house is traditionally ruled by Aquarius and Uranus, planet Venus is receiving rather alternative Vibes and becomes quite altruistic and eccentric. The native’s affection may be of a “multitask” nature, as he is able to channel feelings of love to more than one person simultaneously. As a natural outcome, such people are more prominent to experience romantic affairs with more than one person at the same period, and can even give tendencies of polyamorism and other forms of liberal affairs.

This is an overall pleasant placement, but who would say something different when the benefic planet of Venus is involved? As with all Venusian matters, the only thing one should be careful of is overindulgence. Thus, enjoy your group activities but do not dedicate your life only to them; let your romanticism flow towards the members of such groups but also keep some balances. Not all people are similar-minded and many of them will not understand your perception of human relations.

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