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Natal Venus in the 10th House

The presence of natal Venus in the 10th house is definitely one of the best placements for career matters. Such people can rather easily fall in love with their job and will definitely excel in it; Venus is holding the keys to the Saturnian world of work and opens it wide quite easily.

The smooth Venusian energy will have a very positive influence on the individual’s profession, mostly helping in job areas where the native is either the master of his own work or even an employer of others. Venus will definitely connect his job with the respective occupations ruled by her; those that contain beauty and harmony. When this benefic planet is present in the tenth, it can lead to professions that involve arts. People with such a placement can excel in the theatre world, in fashion, music or even cosmetology and other products for beauty.

Such a natal Venus will bring pleasant working surroundings, helpful co-workers while also harmonic relations with people of authority. The person who is blessed to have the benefic here will love his work, and all his time and efforts are dedicated with a great amount of passion. The individual will never be tired or bored while working, as his occupation is a way to externalize his love. In addition, a lot of doors will open to the native just because of his beauty and charm; he definitely has what it takes to be accepted as a positive presence and will deal better than most others in interviews and similar filtering activities.

The 10th house is ruling the native’s more dominant parent, which usually is the father. Venus here makes the parent have a Taurus/Libra emphasis in the natal chart, or elsehow a very strong Venus. This placement usually gives smooth relations with the parent, and can frequently indicate that he is an artist or otherwise a public figure.

Venus in the tenth tends to attract romance through work, and if the 7th house cusp is located in Taurus or Libra a marriage with a co-worker or business partner is very possible. Also, as the 10th house is traditionally ruled by Saturn and Capricorn, Venus placed in his realm may indicate attraction to older individuals, who many times can be in an employer/boss position or elsehow influence the native as a mentor and not only a lover. Another situation that can frequently appear is getting married with the work itself; the person may not need a significant other as he can reach fullness and equilibrium by evolving himself as an organism through what he does for a living.

This placement gifts a lot of charm to the native, and even masses can accept his image and bliss quite easily. If Venus is strongly supported by other planets, the whole formation is an indicator of fame. The native’s public image may be strongly enhanced through artistic filters, he is very photogenic and when appears on screen is often looking even more beautiful than he really is. The public will quickly admire and love his image, and any attempts of creating a “fan club” can be highly successful. Such an individual knows better than anyone how to play with his appearance and seduce the cameras and lenses.

When natal Venus is in the tenth, there can be great abilities of public relation, and appearing in front of an audience produces positive effects. The native has the gift of diplomacy and knows how to use his words, gestures and appearance in order to magnetize the audience. The people might pay a lot more attention to how the native appears and acts in front of them, than what he is promoting to them. Thus, people with such a natal placement are frequently used by groups and organizations of a dubious nature, in order to present a false and positive image of the otherwise suspicious activities they indulge in. Usually, the native will know the big picture and consciously accept this role; especially an adversely aspected Venus will grant the nature a flexible morality towards such roles. After all, for him it is just a job; being on stage for his employers and renting them his image.

Finally, a tenth house Venus will make sure that the native will choose the best clothes for his job. He will usually spend a lot of money when deciding what to wear and his appearance will be further enhanced by the preferred style. He has strong insights of what is modern and will keep up with fashion, usually being of the first to foresee a new trend current- and of course implementing it in his reality. Other people can be easily influenced by what he wears and copy his style.

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