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Natal Uranus in the 7th House

Natal Uranus in the 7th house of a native’s chart will definitely bring a lot of turbulence in all matters connected with marriage, business partnerships and other forms of unification. The 7th house is traditionally ruled by Libra and Venus; therefore the erratic planet of Uranus brings discord and unexpected events that do not blend harmonically with the gentle energies that the house bears.

Uranus is making the native have a strong need of freedom; this can frequently manifest as a tendency to not get married if the person is conscious enough of his needs. The native might realize through his relationships that his privacy and freedom of actions are an important priority, and establish more open patterns of partnerships with his significant others. This natal aspect can give open relationships or other unorthodox types of bonds.

Nevertheless, Uranus in the 7th house does not imply that the native will not get married. Actually, few people reach such a conscious stance early in their lives, and this placement gives strong possibilities of hasty decisions concerning 7th house matters. This could lead to an unexpected marriage early in life, without knowing well and long enough the spouse. Such a unification will most probably end as suddenly as it started; Uranus not only brings an unexpected wedding but also a divorce. In many occasions, this experience is actually the lesson for the native to understand himself and his needs; he gains wisdom about what he wants in his life by understanding that he cannot function in a stable marital environment. In addition, Uranus placed here will have a large impact on the possible wedding ceremony. There might actually not be one! Uranus is the planet that could bring a quick wedding in a casino chapel in Las Vegas, or make the wedding ring be made of plastic!

So, does Uranus in the 7th house make a stable marriage impossible? No, the planet’s eccentric character goes even beyond that stereotype! In case that Uranus is well aspected in this placement, this indicates a happy marriage soaked in non-conformism. It will bring a partner who can be a genius or a weirdo, and if the couple does not adapt to certain patterns that the society imposes then it can grant a wonderful marital life. The significant other may have heavy Aquarius/Uranus emphasis, or Uranus residing in the 1st house, and if they both abandon the traditional views of commitment then their relationship will be of a unique nature. They will function as friends and not only as lovers, be very altruistic or even have a long-distance relationship where each one will also preserve his personal life and respect the other’s privacy.

On the other hand, if Uranus has hard aspects with planets, the individual will eventually discover that he is trapped in a situation he does not enjoy. Even if he loves his partner, the everyday reality is killing the initial magic and creates frustration. The native will most probably erupt suddenly and run away. Actually, the quicker he does it, the better it will be for both; there are even possibilities of saving their partnership- as the native may not have a problem with his spouse but rather with the routine that such a life gives. Indeed, if the basis of such a relationship changes, there are great possibilities of a reunification; of course with different rules this time (or even no rules at all!). Keep in mind that people with their natal Uranus in the 7th house dislike drama; this can actually be a reason for them to run away so do not indulge in it if you do not want to lose them.

Exactly the same patterns apply in business partnerships. Uranus will definitely not provide any type of stability, and the partners will have a lot of erratic behaviors. Their unpredictable character will not help the business to blossom, and the overall partnership could end up in a court.

Finally, this natal placement of Uranus is not favorable for legal affairs. There might be problems concerning trials, and losses through them. The native should avoid being in a public position as Uranus will bring scandals and lawsuits, which he will probably lose and have his public image destroyed. This could happen even if the native is honest; heavy aspects of Uranus here indicate victimization- the open enemies or partners of the native might use him as a scapegoat for covering their own dirty business.

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