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Natal Uranus in the 5th House

As Uranus is the most unconventional planet, his presence in the 5th house of a native will bring a rather eccentric approach towards the areas ruled by the house. The unstable and unpredictable character of Uranus will bring a lot of sudden changes, whose nature is mostly dependant on the aspects other planets make to Uranus.

The 5th house is ruling love, flirting and casual sex. Thus, Uranus will bring a rather chaotic love life, with many partners and unexpected events. The people who have this placement will experience tremendously strong love-at-first-sight relationships, as the nature of the planet is to make things escalate rather quickly. Nevertheless, this is a double edged knife, as the planet can make an affair end the same quickly as it starts, even without any apparent reason.

Usually, with this natal placement the native is not very fond of emotional bonds and will be the one giving end to a relationship. This rushing out will be like a bolt out of the blue, so they be very careful about how you handle the partner’s psychology. In case that one has this placement and discovers this pattern of jumping in and out of relationships chaotically, the best thing is to not define their affairs as stable relationships from the beginning, so as not to break the other person’s heart. Of course, if Uranus has very difficult aspects with other planets, one may experience a rather discordant love life with many abrupt endings, drama and extreme situations. The eccentric character of his partners might bring a lot of problems even after the break up, and the break ups can create a general havoc. The usual reason for such a native’s escape from a relationship are feelings of constriction; he is not able to feel repressed and rebels against this regime, even if it exists only in his head.

Uranus in the 5th house can create musicians- mostly of some alternative type of music. In addition, as Uranus is responsible of technology, this natal placement can create DJ’s or music composers that use a computer. Their music and behavior on stage is very creative and original. Of course, not all people with this placement do become artists of some kind; aspects to Uranus from Venus, Neptune and the two lights are empowering the possibilities though.

Concerning gambling, which is also ruled by the 5th house, this placement gives possibilities of big gains and losses. Everything depends on the aspects of the other planets; if Uranus is well aspected then there are possibilities of big and unexpected gains. This is even more prominent if the second house cusp falls in Aquarius, or Uranus receives trines and sextiles from Venus or Jupiter. If you have a 2nd house Venus or Jupiter trining your natal Uranus, you should definitely gamble once in a while. Even if you buy a very cheap lottery, there are great possibilities of gaining a windfall of money with this placement. Try that, especially during transits of these three planets through the exact natal locations of any of these planets. Then, the gates of luck open!

If you have Uranus in the 5th house, be very careful in your sexual encounters as this placement gives possibilities of unexpected pregnancies. Even when you are in a stable relationship, the pregnancy might come in a period that you would least expect so always use contraception in case you do not feel ready for this responsibility. If Uranus is adversely aspected by Mars or some other malefic, there are some chances of a miscarriage or an abortion. On the other hand, if a child is born it will be of a rather eccentric nature, even possibly a genius. Uranus will make it be very interested in technology from its early years, and you should regard it as an equal human being to you. The child might possess a wisdom and insight that rarely children have, and thus this will complicate its character. To help it bloom in a harmonic way do not pressure it; be that kind of a parent that listens to it and interacts a lot, giving it a lot of choices from its early years. Give it some freedom and be friends; this is the best way to allow his Uranian energies to function well.

The 5th house is all about fun and games, so the presence of the ruler of technology will make someone be a gamer. These individuals will probably continue playing games on their PC or console during all their life, as such types of recreation give them a lot of joy. This, combined to the great sense of humor the native usually has, makes him a great company for online games and all type of activities that involve technology. Yes, even sexual. Close that Skype while you read this article, that hottie is probably disturbing you from paying attention to what you read!

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  • philip

    Wow this is one hundred percent accurate! It has been like this for many years but with this insight from you I’m beginning to understand. Thank you.

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  • Anonymous

    My mother has Uranus in Aries in the 5th. She has been in a stable relationship with my father for the past 60 years. She is a stay-at-home house wife who has never had a love affair. A stable relationship is not necessarily a happy relationship. My mother does not really know how to be a mother to her five children. She does not understand emotional bonds. She was born in 1932 during the Great Depression. Her mother did not always have enough food to eat during her pregnancy. My mother was born with Saturn in Capricorn in the 2nd and a deeply entrenched poverty and lack consciousness. The one thing she focuses on is pinching pennies and saving resources. At age 58, after many years of estrangement from my parents, I am now living in my parents’ home. My mother, as always, is not an easy person for me to live with. She seems to need attention and recognition from me but her way of trying to get my acknowledgement is inevitably disturbing. She wants to teach me to focus on the price of used produce at the discount supermarket while my attention is on awakening into Christ Consciousness. I’m not interested in the price of vegetables on the verge of rotting. My mother can not hold my attention well and this disturbs her. So she finds inventive ways to discredit me. I would like to give her the recognition she craves but in the end, she is just too much for me!

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