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Now…Explain if there is Uranus AND Saturn in the First …

Comment on Natal Uranus in the 1st House by mysticjeanie.

Now…Explain if there is Uranus AND Saturn in the First House. Oh, and there is Mars in there as well…All in Sagittarius. Yep…that’s me! It’s A LOT.

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Lilith in the 7th House
Btw, how true is the above? Other astrologers pin point it quite differently with a less negative tone, such as the below:

“In this house, Lilith is only active regarding committed relationship. It is about an obsession to find the right partner, the one you can trust and who will treat you fairly. It is about setting the proper expectations.

These Lilithians will need their space and freedom in the couple. It is about finding the right level of cooperation. When something goes wrong in the relationship, especially at the intimate level or if there is abuse or if the trust is broken, this can go way out of proportion. Partners can become open enemies.”

Lilith in the 7th House
Seriously? Now I don’t know if I should be lookinf forward to marriage if I ever do, in the future. This bites now…

Natal Jupiter in the 3rd House
“…stop opening 10 wikipedia tabs simultaneously and chaotically jumping from the one article to the other; it is better to concentrate on some important topic that will somehow aid you in your life.” …It’s as if you know me… *sheepish*

However, I do not get along well with my sister, then again she has a learning disorder and we have conflicting in energy extremes – me being a triple water and her being a double fire and air…

Natal Mars in the 1st House
Mars Sagittarius in 1st House so, yes, I have an old childhood scar on my lip (like certain famous celebrities) AND a faded Chicken Pox mark on my cheek. Also, because of Uranus and Saturn there as well, I have natural “ombre” hair and that whole short “gothic” fair-skin, dark hair look along with a mysterious vibe thanks to my Scorpio Ascendant. Also, I would like to thank my Venus Pisces Trine Ascendant for my attractive look.

You, my friend, are freakin’ right on the money.

Natal Neptune in the 2nd House
Damn. I want to be weathy to afford beautiful things and be charitable. This sucks.

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