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Natal Uranus in the 12th House

With natal Uranus in the 12th house, the native will eventually develop a rather eccentric character, while the planets presence will also give very strong intuition and even clairvoyant abilities.

People with such a placement usually do not consider themselves as weird, as they seldom observe themselves objectively. Nevertheless, their behavior can be quite erratic and chaotic, and their subconscious and unconscious mind functions in a rather different way than of the rest people. These traits can in the native’s young years create alienation from the other children, who will frequently consider him as bizarre and weird.

Uranus in the twelfth gives a lot of psychic abilities, and can manifest in various (and personally unique) ways in the native’s life. The 12th house rules dreams and sleep, and a lot of information will come as insight to the native during his sleeping hours. They might discover inventions or otherwise achieve some kind of success after either seeing dreams of what they should invent or do.  Sudden ideas will strike like lightning bolts in their heads.

Such a native will be able to conceive complex ideas that might inspire him in his work, concrete answers for problems that dwell in his mind, while also even see future events. Those will many times be masqueraded under archetypes of the collective unconscious, and a wise individual with such a natal aspect should research further the world of psychology, ethnology and occult to understand the meanings that can be hidden behind them. In any case, Uranus placed here will definitely bring secret researches of matters connected with the outer realms.

In his everyday reality, the individual will experience quite a lot of hassle from this placement. He may have awkward sleeping hours, or even change night with day and become a night owl. Many times, he might experiment with days that last 30 or even more hours, and generally develop rather weird patterns of sleep. Also, this placement will bring a very vivid fantasy, and his dreams will be frequently lucid. Difficult aspects with other planets will definitely bring nightmares, as also insomnia.

In some circumstances, Uranus in the 12th house will bring paranormal experiences of a rather uncontrolled nature, frequently leaving the native in awe and wonder about what happened. These experiences can be profound and life-changing, and in case that the individual acquires the necessary knowledge and practice he can consciously turn into a mage. Involvement with secret organizations is also something possible to happen, but if Uranus is adversely aspected the native is firmly advised to be a lone wolf in his researches, as he can create secret enemies. In such a circumstance, as the 12th house also rules illegal activities, the native should keep away from them as there is big possibility of things going wrong and facing the natural outcomes.

The native with such a natal aspect will have quite a lot of periods when he will need loneliness, and will probably develop some rather eccentric hobby. This hobby might be practiced secretly, even though there is no real reason behind such a choice. The person may use this hobby as a personal way of meditation and obtaining the necessary solitude for making his introspection.

As a result of your unconventional lifestyle you may have many things that you wish to keep secret. You tend, also, to hide your originality or some eccentricity. You may have been carefree and independent as a young person, but now you are concerned about your reputation and being conventional, at least a bit. You analytical mind is very useful in terms of dealing with hidden matters. A worker on confidential matters, a secret scientist – these and others are possibilities. You may be an unconventional healer. You could be rebelling against large institutions such as prisons, hospitals and places of seclusion. There could be hidden enemies who use strange, occult or new techniques. You may be the effect of dramatic changes in institutions, which may bring good or ill.

Strange clothes that catch attention, eccentric haircuts and general look are very frequent for 12th house Uranus people, especially if the planet is residing near the Ascendant. Such people usually have a tall body; the native can be significantly taller than both of his parents and other relatives.

Many times, Uranus in the 12th house can create a revolutionary without cause. The person just has an internal need to confront the system around him, no matter if there is a real need for change. He receives joy from provocation and discord, and even negative comments about him can boost his ego. He likes to be different from the mass and being ostracized is for him a medal reward and not a punishment. Uranus rising people enjoy feeling themselves as heroes of some kind, and constantly fantasize about becoming so in reality. Of course, some of them indeed reach such kind of achievements!

In addition, if Uranus in the twelfth is aspecting planets responsible for one’s sexuality or elsehow connected with the 5th and 8th house, the native will definitely indulge in secret love affairs and other types of clandestine behavior.

Uranus Rising individuals should be very careful when handling electrical devices. If the planet is aspected by malefic planets, there is possibility of accidental electrocution or even being hit by a lightning. On the other hand, the individual may develop great skills in everything that involves technology and electricity, and this natal aspect can even create pioneer geniuses who can bring a lot of innovation to the world.

The native can channel a lot of energy from the higher realms and it frequently happens that their body charges with real electricity. Next time you touch someone and a real electric spark appears, inquire where his Uranus is located – the results might surprise you! They enjoy thunderstorms and get charged by feeling them; nevertheless as we already mentioned they should be very careful with this way of charging their energy and observe storms and lightning only from safe places.

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    With only a few exceptions this was uncannily accurate. I have btw seen alien craft on eight occasions so far – and inner plane outlandishness is off the friggin chart… Natal Uranus (Tropically) aspects Ma in 3rd/Scorpio, Venus in 2nd/Libra and Sa/Ju in 5th/Cap. I have however been single and celibate for three decades. Jupiter, lord of 4th/7th, as we see is debilitated. Curiously, when mostly well positioned (mulatrikona) Venus gets aspected something negative happens. Odd that natal Saturn aspecting his exaltation could cause so much trouble, if that’s the problem. 12th lord Sun and Neptune conjunct Venus as well – the Sun is considered a malefic in Jyotish and he is debilitated in Libra. Very good articles.

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