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Natal Sun in Virgo

When a person has his natal Sun in Virgo, it means that he belongs to the zodiac sign of Virgo. Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, and has Mercury as its ruling planet. The period of Virgo starts on the 22nd of August and lasts until the 22nd of September, signifying the Autumn Equinox and the end of summer. Slight differences in the exact hours can occur, because we should not forget that every fourth year has one day more than the others.

The Sun is the brightest object in the sky, the life-giving star of our Solar System, and also the most important celestial body in astrology. Also called Sol, the Sun is impersonated by the ancient Greek goddess Helios. Life on earth is literally empowered by the Sun’s energy, with it having effect on all the biorhythms of live organisms. Astrologically, its influences are so important that most people only know the sign where their Sun is placed in, referring to it just as “their sign”.

The Sun is ruling our vitality and self-perception, making any house it is placed in the epicenter of our life. It has a strong masculine energy, and in the natal chart depicts our father. In addition, it can also show relations with the male gender or generally people who become a father figure for us. In addition, the Sun is strongly connected with activity and self-confidence, and rules our personality and ego. When it is located in Virgo, Mercurian energies are blending with the ones of the Sun. The native will therefore have enhanced abilities connected with data processing, communication and generally intelligence and intellect. Mercury is the nearest planet to the Sun, and also the fastest one – completing one full orbit in 88 days. Thus, Virgo people always have a very detailed thought compared to other people, and can excel in everything that is connected thinking and communication. Virgo people are addicted to information and its exchange, yet they are less talkative than the other Mercurial sign, Gemini. They tend to be a lot more serious when processing data, and do not like purposeless usage of them. Their god is logic and their weapon is reason.

Virgo is a workaholic sign, which is quite natural because Virgo rules the 6th house, responsible for one’s occupation. Having your natal Sun in Virgo can be similar as having your Sun in the 6th house. This house is connected to all our daily routines; from caring our body to even small repetitive rituals. Thus, Virgos are excellent in organization and keeping order, which definitely makes them easily progress in their careers. They like a quick pace of life, which is also connected to the rather fast speed of Mercury’s orbit. Sun in Virgo individuals will be excellent in all types of research, and thus can make good scientists, teachers and archivists. Their extremely detailed thought can make them excel as mathematicians or statisticians, while also any other financial job that needs calculation and responsibility. As the 6th house also rules one’s health and routines such as eating, Virgos can be good nutritionists, doctors or nurses. All types of jobs that need organization are also suitable for them. Virgos can virtually do any office job, while also succeed in jobs that are connected with repetitive patterns such as programming and data analysis. Also, their precision and great abilities in discovering things may be very useful in careers as investigators, police, or anything else that includes problem solving.

Virgo people are usually great in learning, as their analytical mind can dive deep into details. In addition, their memory tends to have greater capacities than other individuals have, which furthermore empowers their intellectual abilities.  Yet, they usually get stall so much on small details that fail to see the big picture. A dark side of Virgos can be irony and cynicism. Their critical mind is quite judgmental, and when provoked will easily retaliate with sharp words. Their verbal attacks are usually covered by some type of humor, in such a way that others cannot be sure about the real meaning behind the words. Virgos can hold grudges, and sometimes can even misunderstand people. This is because they are usually alert and suspicious about others, and in extreme cases can even see enemies there where they don’t exist. In addition, Virgos are of the most independent signs, and can do quite well on their own. They do not yearn for acceptance, and as a result can be slightly emotionally detached from others.

Individuals with their natal Sun in Virgo can get obsessed with their diet. They tend to worry too much about their health and usually observe it through pessimistic glasses. It is not uncommon for Virgo people to be hypochondriacs, or autosuggest illnesses that in the end become a reality. Such psycho-somatic disorders are of course more frequent in Virgo people who have bad aspects to their natal Sun. Exactly as Gemini, Virgo sign people can suffer from diseases of the mind and the nervous system. They tend to worry a lot and have stress, due to their quick pace of life and overflow of information. In addition, the sign of Virgo in medical astrology is connected with the intestines, the spleen and the digestive system, so this can also be a weak body part, their Achilles’ foot. In addition, other problems that an ill-aspected Virgo Sun can bring are connected with the ability of communication. Dyslexia, autism or other types of similar impairments are not a rare phenomenon.

Generally, Virgo sign people are of a rather serious nature. They will prefer stability rather than erratic and chaotic ways of life. Such individuals usually achieve a steady growth in the society and eventually obtain key positions connected with responsibility. They will double-check everything in order to not do something wrong, which is a perfect strategy for jobs where mistakes can become catastrophic or even fatal.

The Sun in our charts rules our own father. Thus, in case it is in Virgo, it will give a Mercurial type of father. There is a high possibility that the father is occupied in one of the Mercurial professions, mentioned above. He is usually an analytical person, who has helped the chart owner develop his intellectual skills from very young age. This, as natural, makes the individual develop his own communicative abilities a little bit more early than other children – or in a more deep way. His father can also frequently be Virgo or Gemini (the second sign ruled by Mercury). Alternatively, his father may have a lot of planets in Virgo, or his Mercury strong by placement and aspects. With good aspects to the Sun, the native regards his father as a strong paradigm of intellect, a role model of wisdom which he can admire. An adversely aspected Sun may indicate that the father is an unstable and moody person. He can be so concentrated on details of life (especially connected with stereotypes, dogmas and words) that he fails to see the big picture.

We should always keep in our mind that no Virgo is the same as another. The biggest mistake is to think that only by knowing our Sun sign, we can use astrology. In case you are a Virgo, care to find out what at which degree of Virgo your Sun is located. By making your natal chart, you can also find out in which house it resides.

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Also, examine the aspects that the Sun forms with other planets of your natal chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that the Sun has in your horoscope. After all, the Sun is the core of your existence, and definitely signifies an important part of our lifepath.

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