Oct 17

Natal Sun in the 9th House

Natal Sun in the 9th house is a wonderful placement; of course who could state an opposite thing for the grand benefic located in any house? When in the house traditionally ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter, the Sun will make the native strive to obtain higher knowledge and seek important ideas and ideals.

The Sun can grant him a deep love for travel, making him visit a lot of distant places and for a quite long time. He will not be the typical tourist; the Sun here indicates a person who will try to spend as much time possible in order to get deeper in the foreign country’s traditions. Such a native will probably learn a foreign language, and this is certain to happen if Mercury is also located inside the 9th house. One of the two parents of the native can be of a different culture, race or religion, so this placement may gift him with learning both parent languages at the same time. In some occasions, the Sun in the ninth will make the native be born in a different country than the one he is raised in.

In addition, the Sun may even grant him with a life in a distant country, even if this is for some years and not his entire life. In some situations, when slow moving planets form an important transit aspect with his natal Sun, this relocation might even be permanent. The Sun in the ninth house could even give to a native the acceptance of a new religion, or at least the development of a different type of personal spirituality from the one he initially had. The native will like reading about myths and legends, while also about religions, probably researching the writings of a lot of them.

The 9th house is ruling higher education, and the Sun’s placement is frequently indicating academic studies. These could even be a reason for a temporary relocation to a foreign environment; nevertheless if it is ill-aspected by malefics then the studies will last longer than expected. Especially aspects by Saturn will cause delays; on the other hand the normal function of the Sun is to bring positive outcomes in his learning processes.

Education is strongly connected to the native’s self-esteem; this makes them a priority and a driving force for his personal success. If Leo is connected to his 6th or 10th house, the native may even have a career as an academic; an alternate outcome is working in a country far from his homeland.

The Sun in the 9th house can give a strong interest in spirituality, religion or the law. These interests can influence the native to become a person of authority, or have some position in such types of systems. They are usually inspired by justice, and can even become sports referees in case that Mars has a strong influence on the Sun. Alternate life-paths that such a person can follow are being a diplomat, a translator or even a writer, mostly concentrating on philosophical subjects.

In any case, this Sun’s natal placement will make the native develop his own philosophic system in his mind, and being able to perceive the big picture better than the rest. Knowledge and its expansion are an important part of his life, he will continue exploring and widening his horizons until the end of his life. On the other hand, the 9th house is not about the details, so this individual might not specialize in a concrete subject but rather spread himself to numerous ones.

Such a natal placement can create a very developed personality, but also make the native less practical in his reality. The philosopher will not care a lot about the daily routines and will frequently pass his time inside his higher ideas. The thinker will act less than the average people, and could even give a weak body; if you have this placement you should invest more time in exercising and a little bit less to the world of ideas.

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