Oct 13

Natal Sun in the 7th House

With natal Sun in the 7th house of a chart, the individual will have marriage and unification as a very important priority in his life. This placement is ideal for people who want a good marriage; their whole existence might be actually karmically created in order to find their significant other.

This natal placement indicates the need to shine through another person, and people with such a natal Sun are no fans of loneliness. It is a very strong indicator of marriage, even when the Sun has adverse aspects by malefics. The native feels complete only when united with a significant other, and feel great pride through their spouse. Their self-esteem is directly connected to their partner, and will choose one that has a radiant and energetic character. Most probably, the native will be the less powerful in the relationship; nevertheless this does not seem a problem for them. What they are searching for is indeed someone more powerful than them, in order to feel supported. Their marriage partner will be of a dominant but kind nature, frequently having the natal Sun in the first house; there are also possibilities of him being a Leo Ascendant or Sun sign, or otherwise have strong Sun/Leo emphasis in his chart.

So strong is the need of blending with others, that 7th house Sun people will sacrifice a lot of themselves in order to be with someone else. They adore pleasing the other and will easily change themselves in order to fit in the requirements that their partner has. Loneliness is killing them, and therefore if a marriage or a relationship ends they will not stay too long without another. If their natal Sun is not heavily challenged, this placement indicates a happy marriage and a beautiful marital life. Also, it gives a tendency of overspending for the wedding ceremony. Usually, the native will marry a partner of a higher social class, and gain prestige through this union.

The 7th house is ruling one’s open enemies, and with the Sun placed here the native will have good diplomatic skills. There are quite a lot possibilities of even turning one’s open enemies to friends, and such people are very good negotiators in business matters. In addition, this placement can give a strong knowledge of manipulation; the native knows how to use other people but in such a way that it becomes a win-win situation for both. People do not usually notice this ability, and will actually not have a problem with it as it usually also serves their own interests.

When an individual has his natal Sun in the 7th house, there is definite luck in business partnerships. Indeed, the person will be a lot more successful when entering business together with someone else, and there is general harmony in between them. Sun in the 7th favors all types of contracts, and will aid the native in legal affairs. This placement will turn luck in favor of the chart owner in case of legal disputes. In addition, the native will be very proud of his business partnerships, which might even lead to showing off. The same thing will probably happen with his spouse; he will have enormous pride in showing to the world the person he is married to.

In a woman’s natal chart, this placement will bring a husband who has similar traits to her father. She needs a father figure in her life and her subconscious will choose someone with common traits. In a man’s chart this can indicate a need to climb the social ladder and a lack of self-confidence; the native prefers a more powerful woman than him and will gladly jump through her to a higher social class. Of course, he will willingly sacrifice his own power to achieve this, as his wife will be a very strong character who wants to be the leading person of their union.

In case that the Sun is badly aspected, then the native’s marriage partner may have a very inflated egoism and be very domineering. The same will happen to possible business partners. Nevertheless, these unions will still function well, but with a lot of effort from the native and –usually- by his overlooking of any difficult characteristics that the partner has.

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