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Natal Sun in the 2nd House

Having the Sun in the house of material possessions and wealth, makes the natal chart owner be strongly connected to his belongings. Indeed, the Sun is responsible for one’s personal shining, and depending on where it is placed in the native’s chart makes the life departments ruled by the placement very important for him.

Possessing brings to such a person pride, providing him security on which he can later build on. Especially in a man’s horoscope, the Sun placed there makes belongings really important for his self esteem. In a woman’s the effects are similar, although a little lighter. In addition, she might have the strong need to be proud of her father’s power and prosperity, as the Sun is representing the father in a chart.

The Sun fixed in the Second definitely helps with finances. A lot of money will channel through the native’s hands, as would a Jupiter or a Venus bring also. Nevertheless, the Sun is not only an attractor of wealth as the other two, but also a big spender. It radiates from the second house, tending to shine on other celestial bodies connected with aspects and located in other house, empowering those house’s issues. Observing to which planets there exists an aspect, the native can see which areas of life will both bring and demand flows of wealth, and a careful look on them can make them more careful in how they structure their expenses.

Second house Sun natives tend to over-identify what they are, with what they have. This can lead to a life of seeking constant material growth, without paying the necessary attention to spiritual one. This can in particular be noted when a stellium of more planets is present in the house; the person can become a pure materialist, dedicating a large part of his time in obtaining riches and power. If the stellium is in Scorpio, this urge for possessing blends with jealoucy of others. The presence of  other adverse aspects can make the way of obtaining them be quite dubious, hidden or immoral.

In case such a native develops his own morality and value system, the positive attributes of the Sun will grant him even more self-sufficiency. A pattern frequently observed is that a second house Sun person is a very stable friend, granting help to the close people when needed, most usually financial or material. Their friends are also seen as posessions by them, and their natural need of maintaining them can actually be of great help to the friends theselves.

Such type of natives can be obsessed with collecting posessions. These objects could be both of value and of beauty. Venus being near the natal Sun would definitely pull the chart owner to beautiful antiques, decorative objects and other collectibles that would pleasure both his eyes, and be an investment in wealth. In case that Libra is on the house’s cusp, the possibility of chasing and obtaining beauty and art objects is really high.

An issue that such a native might have to deal with is possessiveness, as he uses everything he owns or feels that owns for creating his identity. When a material object, a person or something else considered a possession seizes to exist, the native can experience difficulties in restructuring his self-esteem. He instead should concentrate in using his resources with respect and constructively, valuing them and understanding that instead of filling emotional voids he can use the for reaching higher personal levels. They are a blessing that when used correctly can bestow further light both on him and the people near him.

Search for transiting triangles from Jupiter or other slow moving planets to understand when the Sun is to be positively activated. Usually such periods bring a rise in one’s assets, while other natural outcomes are spending a lot more in good food, clothes and well-living. Of course it can at the same time boost arrogance and pride. A tine transit from Pluto can drastically change the chart owner’s financial situation forever, raising both his assets and status. The opposite could be created with a square, although in both cases other connections to bodies must also be counted. The ruler of the second house and his condition are very important, as they will define the scale in which the wealth calibrations will be applied. If it is Jupiter or Venus, the native will have luck pushing him even more in his financial affairs.

The Sun in the second house can give a tendency to the native of leaving his studies incomplete. This can be connected with no real need of receiving education, because wealth is either already present through the parents, or money are generated through means that do not involve a lot of intellectual work.

The native’s father could be a great financial support to the native, literally building for him both his property and his career. The children born under such placements are often used to having everything they need, becoming spoiled and taking belongings as granted. This is not negative necessarily; such kind of people can have a very prosperous childhood without any kind of financial problems of the family. The father might be over-concerned with wealth, passing the same attitude to the child, but if the aspects of other planets are positive then the native will rather benefit from both the father’s approach to wealth, and his own.

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