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Natal Sun in the 1st House

Having the Sun in the first house is being born right before sunrise, and from the ancient years it was believed that it is a good omen for the newborn’s life. The rising Sun located in the first house grants its light to the person’s body and character, making the native a beautiful person with a strong presence among others. This aspect empowers self-confidence and helps projecting power towards others; the native is a born leader and the masses find in him the bright light that they yearn to follow.

The strong leadership abilities are a result of the Sun’s presence in the traditional house of Aries; the Sun in the 1st house is a fighter, always willing to reach out and fight for the goals that the native establishes.  Furthermore, if the Sun is located in a fiery and masculine sign as for example Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, the native’s abilities become even stronger. A problem that he might encounter is become overbearing towards others and extremely arrogant. Pride is another trait that should be held under control, as the Rising Sun has a lot of tendencies towards Luciferian Pride. Being proud of one’s self is by no means bad; nevertheless letting this feeling uncontrolled can devour other positive behaviors that the native possesses.

As the first house is responsible for the body, the presence of Sun gives good health, even if it is poorly aspected. In such situations, even when the native’s body malfunctions and health issues appear, the Sun helps him recuperate quickly and be very robust. The individual’s general optimism and positive approach towards health problems is a factor that largely contributes to his vitality. The native with such a placement tends to care about his body, exercises frequently and generally chooses a lifestyle that keeps his body in a good condition till his old ages. A Rising Sun person is usually tall and strong; most of the times he looks very similar to his father. The father is frequently a respected person of authority, and the child is copying his character. The father-child relationship is a very good one, there exists a lot of admiration and respect and the father becomes the main role model for the child.

A first house Sun person is very interested in expressing himself. This is usually also connected to his physical appearance, interests and activities. He feels the urge to shine like the Sun and be adored by the rest of the world. Being adored and followed is very important for his self-confidence, and so he strives to develop a personal style and approach to life. He does not like copying other individuals and feels uncomfortable to follow trends; a first house Sun person is the beginning of a trend himself. Their brave character, their optimism and competitiveness usually grant them high positions from their early years. They will usually be the most excelling children in school, the strongest in the sports team, the most respected at work. The Sun helps them evolve early in their life and many people with such a Sun position can already be successful before they reach the age of 30.

They possess the ability to seize opportunities and generally be in the right place in the right time; the Sun shines a lot of luck on them. If there exist any positive aspects with Venus and Jupiter, their luck is even bigger and people can get magnetized by their smile and warm presence. Such type of natives can get a job by just radiating warmth in the interview.

All the people that have their Sun in the first house, have their zodiac sign highly emphasized in their chart. Most of them have the same Sun sign and Rising sign, but even those who do not, have their chart dominated by this Sun.  Usually, Mercury and Venus are also somewhere around, giving more possibilities of creations of Stelliums (3 or more planets close to each other), which in turn make the native’s character very unique and powerful. It is pretty safe to state, that all the people with the Sun rising in their chart cannot pass unnoticed; each of them has a powerful presence- of course of different flavor.

The only advice that such an individual should follow is to practice humility and battle pride. It is quite an easy change for a good leader to become tyrannical, for a successful person with a lot of altruism to start forgetting about the people that are less strong than him. If you want to make the world continue to worship you, you should not forget getting in the world’s shoes once in a while. The good leader is the one that is followed by choice and not the one that is feared of. If you really want to be a Sun for other people, do not forget to warm them.

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  • jackie

    “All the people that have their Sun in the first house, have their zodiac sign highly emphasized in their chart. Most of them have the same Sun sign and Rising sign, but even those who do not, have their chart dominated by this Sun.”….NOT ALWAYS TRUE. It depends more on the aspects of the sun & other planets & if that planet is in positive aspects. I’m Aries Sun with my ASC in Pisces (3rd Decan), was born at dawn & according to my natal chart, my Sun is at 1st house. However, apart from my Sun, I don’t have any planets in Aries & its ruler Mars is not even among my dominant planets. According to my chart, my dominant planets are Neptune, Saturn & Mercury (though my Mercury is very weak in Pisces & therefore makes me seem less Mercurial) while my Neptune is in Sagittarius & Saturn in Virgo. My Sun has hard aspect by Pluto while my ASC, Mercury, DSC, MC, my chart ruler Neptune, are all tightly & heavily aspected by Saturn (especially my ASC/DC). As for my personality, I’m introverted, serious, have melancholy tendencies, sensitive that sometimes I can be easily swayed, a bit on the old-fashioned side & thrifty…something that you wouldn’t expect from an Aries person.

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