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I had my natal chart done years ago and I …

Comment on Natal Sun in the 11th House by Fenix.

I had my natal chart done years ago and I was astounded by how accurate it was, well, almost accurate. The inaccuracy- the 11th house Sun, because not a single sentence applied to me. As a matter of fact, I’m a complete opposite of every 11th house Sun description I’ve ever read. I don’t have a need to belong to a group, actually, I dislike any kind of group associations, such as political parties, religious groups, or humanitarian organizations. I don’t want to change the world, I don’t want to fight for a cause because I don’t think the world can be changed, we can only change ourselves. I don’t have male friends. In fact, I’ve never had a male friend and men are conspicously absent from my life – my high school class consisted only of girls, my college had prodominately female student body, I work with female colleagues, even my dance class is run and attended only by women. I prefer being alone and I don’t put my friends first. My father wasn’t and still isn’t an important position in society. He’s not a strong man either. Quite the opposite. But, he has always wanted to be like a person possessing a 11th house Sun! He wanted to be a group leader so he joined all kinds of organizations, fighting the good fight, standing up for the little men. But the problem was he was never particularly good at it, because he wasn’t a good leader, quite the opposite, he sucked. He had powerful friends, but he managed to lose them all. His friends were always more important to him than his family. He’s too old now to act like that, but he still clings to his ambition to be a great man. And he’s an Aquarius. So, I was wondering if it’s possible that my 11th house Sun actually stands for my father and not me or that I’ve grown so sicken of his behaviour that I don’t want to be anything like him and avoid dealing with it. I should also mention that I’ve got Chiron and South Node in 11th house as well.

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