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Natal Sun in the 11th House

When a person has his natal Sun in the 11th house, the bright star of our system makes groups and friendships a very important matter of his life. The native shines through groups, and is feeling as a hyper-organism rather than an individual, as his perception of Ego also involves the larger units in which he belongs. His “Me”, is more of a “We”.

The person with such a placement tends to make powerful friends and indulge in a lot of group activities. He will probably belong to fraternities, political parties or other types of organization. He takes pride from his social life and adores teamwork, while also can have strong leadership abilities. His friendships, particularly with male friends, might last very long; this natal aspect also gives the tendency to become friends with people that have similar character to the native’s father. This pattern can also bring a lot of friend with heavy Leo emphasis, being public figures or in having some authority position in the society.

Such an individual will prefer passing his time with his friends than alone, while this placement can also bring misunderstandings with his love affairs, as he may frequently choose his friends over his girlfriends. This is definite to happen if the natal Sun in the 11th house is in opposition with some malefic planet in the 5th. As the 11th house is traditionally ruled by Aquarius and Uranus, the native will be of a tolerant nature and believe in equality between friends. Such kinds of people promote brotherhood in a group and help it function harmonically. They are not judgmental, and will frequently befriend unconventional individuals.

The Sun in the 11th house can bring a lot of help through friends. In case that the 2nd or 8th house cusp falls in Leo, that help could be even financial. If their Sun or Leo is connected with the 6th or the 10th house, their powerful friends will help them find jobs or elsehow establish a career. This natal placement will frequently make someone hold an office or a special position in an organization. The native may be accepted by most of the members as a good choice for the group’s stability, and bring consensus even between parts of it that confront each other. Indeed, such a native can bring harmony to the group, making as a center of it the targets and values that all the members can relate to.

Of course, if the Sun is adversely aspected a variety of problems can occur. The native can totally detach from his private life, dedicating too much of his personal time to the groups he belongs without having particular benefits in return. Also, hard aspects from malefic planets like Mars or Pluto might mean betrayals from friends or group members, while also immoral means of rising in the hierarchy of the organization.

An 11th house Sun makes the person a humanist, having romantic or even delusive visions of a better society. This placement may lead him to fight for such causes, and in case that the Sun is well aspected he will even achieve some of his goals. With hard aspects, he is susceptible to lose the initial romanticism somewhere in the road; his personal egoism might devour his altruistic tendencies and make the groups he belongs in a source of power, fulfilling his needs of self-confidence. Indeed, following the romantic vision is not easy, especially when one will be tempted by benefits that a powerful position in a group can offer. On the other hand, it is definitely better to try it instead of not.

In a woman’s chart, this placement will bring a lot of male friends; her father is probably a strong person with an important position in the society and her copying of his character can give her a male way of thinking. She is easily accepted by other men as equal, and might even reach leading a group which consists mostly by men. In any case, such a Sun placement will make a powerful woman with a variety of goals and objectives, ready to offer to the social system and frequently becoming a spokesperson or general secretary. Her organizational abilities can be broader than any man’s, and she will be widely respected for keeping the group in a good order.

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  • Fenix

    I had my natal chart done years ago and I was astounded by how accurate it was, well, almost accurate. The inaccuracy- the 11th house Sun, because not a single sentence applied to me. As a matter of fact, I’m a complete opposite of every 11th house Sun description I’ve ever read. I don’t have a need to belong to a group, actually, I dislike any kind of group associations, such as political parties, religious groups, or humanitarian organizations. I don’t want to change the world, I don’t want to fight for a cause because I don’t think the world can be changed, we can only change ourselves. I don’t have male friends. In fact, I’ve never had a male friend and men are conspicously absent from my life – my high school class consisted only of girls, my college had prodominately female student body, I work with female colleagues, even my dance class is run and attended only by women. I prefer being alone and I don’t put my friends first. My father wasn’t and still isn’t an important position in society. He’s not a strong man either. Quite the opposite. But, he has always wanted to be like a person possessing a 11th house Sun! He wanted to be a group leader so he joined all kinds of organizations, fighting the good fight, standing up for the little men. But the problem was he was never particularly good at it, because he wasn’t a good leader, quite the opposite, he sucked. He had powerful friends, but he managed to lose them all. His friends were always more important to him than his family. He’s too old now to act like that, but he still clings to his ambition to be a great man. And he’s an Aquarius. So, I was wondering if it’s possible that my 11th house Sun actually stands for my father and not me or that I’ve grown so sicken of his behaviour that I don’t want to be anything like him and avoid dealing with it. I should also mention that I’ve got Chiron and South Node in 11th house as well.

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  • Stephanie Persephone

    The gender bias made me stop reading.

    11th house Virgo
    Moon in Gemini

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