Oct 25

Natal Saturn in the 9th House

Even though Saturn is a rather malefic planet, it is quite a better placement if he resides high in the heavens during the native’s birth. Natal Saturn in the 9th house will definitely require a lot of effort from the native in order to function well, but can be highly rewarding.

The individual with such a placement might be born to a very traditional family and usually has grandparents who have a very narrow perception of religion and education. They might be very pushy about these matters during his young years, forcing him to accept their own views. This can develop an inner rejection of religion and education in the individual and heavy disappointment about how he is being taught that life functions. On the other hand, Saturn here will create the need to break these patterns they impose, and the native will strive to find alternate explanations and ways to reach higher meanings and philosophy.

Saturn might block higher education, and even if the person starts attending a university he will most probably drop out, or at least freeze his studies for some time. Natal Saturn located in the ninth house will bring highly conservative professors whose attitude repels the native and makes him indifferent towards their way of teaching. The same can be said about various religious preachers; the individual sees in their eyes old patterns of thought and will definitely not be interested in following them. On the other hand, the barrier imposed by Saturn in these matters might become an obstacle that the native will want to overcome, especially after his Saturn Return. He will then emerge more conscious about the fact that the sole reason he dislikes education and religion are the people who attempted to pass to him their views.

In case that Saturn is well-aspected, the native may consciously decide to continue his education in his more mature years. Such people are late bloomers concerning learning, and a bunch of them might even choose to take a university degree during their elder years. Saturn will require hard work and a lot of effort in order to accomplish this goal, but the native will not care about the difficulties, if he feels that what he does is necessary for his inner progress.

When Saturn is ill-aspected, the native will probably remain dogmatic during his whole life. The reasons are deep traumas connected with his early years; he will never trust the opinion or belief of another person and in extreme cases this could lead to aggressive atheism, nihilism and a negative approach towards reality.

Unless Saturn has very positive aspects from other planets, long distance travel and relocation will be rather a hassle than a pleasure. This natal placement of the ring planet will bring various delays and disappointments, while also create lots of trouble during the journeys. Watch out for squares, conjunctions and oppositions with Mars and Pluto; in case you have such aspects you should reconsider any ideas of living in a different country, or even visiting one for long. You will probably not be accepted well by the residents, have important cultural clashes and various minor or major difficulties may arise. If Saturn is well-aspected, there can be very rewarding journeys during the native’s old age; by that time he is a lot more ready to blend with different cultures, traditions and surroundings.

In addition, natal Saturn in the 9th house is by no means favorable for writing and publishing while still young. People that have this placement need first to experience life a lot, in order to broaden their horizons. Moreover, any quick attempts of work connected with writing will be doomed to fail, possibly also bringing a financial loss. Saturn needs his time in everything he is connected to, so if you have this placement concentrate on helping him expand. Do not forget that the 9th house is traditionally ruled by Jupiter and Sagittarius; thus Saturn placed here can have the necessary aid to expand. Of course, this can only be done through a lot of effort and rather slow progress; nothing can be done hastily when Saturn is present.

People who have this natal placement are lucky enough to not have Saturn in some house that is connected to personal difficulties. Yes, he might be restricting the development of their higher ideas, but usually is not involved in problems of the body or the material surroundings. It is therefore a lot better to battle inside one’s mind than facing external threats. In case you have Saturn in the ninth, it will give you a brilliant chance of consciously self-educating, developing your own system of belief and progressing into a spirituality of your choice. Of course, you should always remember that all these need hard work and an inner battle against the borders of your own mind. There are no other walls than the ones you chose.

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  • Technus

    I have saturn in the 9th house and became disillusioned with religion pretty early in life. Saturn is also a very deep planet, forcing us to search for deeper meaning to whatever house it’s placed in. I searched for spiritual answers myself and am a much more spiritually enlightened person today than I could ever hope to be by just going to church and reading the same book over and over again.

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    • Kyle

      That’s interesting what you say. I myself am only 20 but I joined the LDS church a couple years ago. I think it has to do with my Saturn (and venus) placements. My venus is in the 11th house but I think the LDS church really represents beauty well.

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  • Serpentarius

    I have saturn in 9th house. And based on my own experiences.

    Here are what I noticed about saturn :
    – the native overly concerns about philosophical issues. He/she will have curiousity and interest for sprituality and metaphysics . He will be overwhelmed by thoughts and ideas that are bugging him. He will have fear with the possibilities that are unacceptable for him and will try to fight it as much as he can. Like nietzche who famously said ‘When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago.’ He also doubts with his own ideas.
    -Saturn bring challenges. There are confusion and cloudy situations within the mind. These are probably the result when the native fail to understand(go astray) or deluded himself when facing with insane metaphysical thoughts that present to the native mind. Confusion may piled on to more confusion until the native is hopelessly lost in maze without able to escape. If he can overcome the ordeals, he will be extraordinarily wise and spirituality developed.
    -much like Jupiter who set overly idealistic expectation, saturn can make the native way too stern to himself. His standard is too high because it is in ideal(9th house) and not in reality. He will blame himself for not doing enough/the right way based on the philosophy that he formulated.
    For me, one of the best example of saturn in the 9th house is ludwig wittgenstein. How he wad depressed and unhappy. How he was irritated by ideas that bug him a lot.

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